Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year we gathered at my parents' home. All but Quin and his family were there. We had all of the traditional fixin's and we had turkey prepared two ways. Mmmmm!

It was so cold (sub zero temps), that Bryon had a little trouble getting the oil hot enough to deep fry a turkey. But, he got it done and it was appreciated by all. As were the wonderful turkeys my mom had baked in the oven.

Grandma braved the cold and slick roads and came to join the family for the meal. She had some back surgery a few months ago and is still sporting her "tortoise shell" as she calls it.

The dads enjoyed some football which inspired the boys to play a little themselves. It was much too cold to play outside, so they played a mild game indoors.

My nephew Brancyn has an obsession with anything "sport" and has quite the arm for throwing. It's so cute to watch him. Carter and Kayson we so good to share the ball with him and tackle him gently.

The next day, it warmed up enough to pull out the snow clothes and sleds. Grampy wanted to get in on the fun, so he hooked the train up to his tractor, tied a sled to the back end and took all of the grand kids for a ride through the yard and out into the "forest". They were really cruisin' on this thing and loved every minute.

Friday night, Jarom and I went to dinner with our high school friends, which we try to do each Thanksgiving weekend. It is always so fun to see everyone.

Justin and Amber, Becky and Kevin, Brandon and Emily, Ben and Kaylin, Grandma Eva, Melissa and Blake, Gregg, Jarom and Elena, Katie and Chris, Natalie, Anna, and Granda Freidenberger

37 years ago, on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, Jarom's parents were married in the Idaho Falls LDS temple.

The Saturday following Thanksgiving this year, 37 years to the day they were married, Jarom's ENTIRE family was in the temple together. His sister Natalie had decided to go through for the first time and we were all able to be there with her. It was a special and sacred day for our family.

After a nice adult only lunch, we all headed to Blackfoot to watch the BYU vs UT game. (Which ended sadly as I mentioned in the previous post.) The little boy cousins had a full on boxing match going on. Complete with trainers in the corners wearing towels, referees, and time outs and warm ups by punching pillows. IT was HILARIOUS! These little cousins can be so funny sometimes. And the best part of this was that there were no tears shed. These are some tough kids.

And now we're hitting the craziness of the holidays. Many fun, exciting, and exhausting things to come.

Thanks to my sisters-in-law whose words and pictures I borrowed. :)


Mama Williams said...

How wonderful for you ALL to attend the temple together to mark the special occassion. You look wonderful and your hair is getting long! I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am thankful to have you as a friend all these years. :)

Deanna said...

I am thrilled that you are just finally posting about Thanksgiving...because I finally did, too. LOL! Over a week later!

Looks like you guy had so much fun!

becky ward said...

i must say...again, that i love your hair lately! it looks great.

and your dad's tractor and train is SO FUN! looks like you had a nice thanksgiving.

Our Family said...

That sounds like so much fun! I love it when families get together and do all kinds of exciting things. Thanks for all the good updates!

Natalie and Quin said...

Hahahahaa!!! Looks like Grandma was less than pleased for you to snap that picture of her! Kade's expression confirms this theory to me.

Lee Ann said...

Looks like you packed as much into that weekend as possible!!!! What a fun time with your family.