Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Littlest One Grows Up

Kate turned FIVE today!!! Yes, we're a little birthday crazy around our house this time of year. Everyone has a birthday except Carter, and he is feeling rather left out at the moment.

No matter how brother was feeling, Miss Kate had a glorious day. It started with birthday pictures with her best buddy "Hearts". After this picture she informed me that she was ready to open the "new pretend shoes" (dress up high heels) that she had noticed in my room. The little peeker...although it was my fault. I thought I had hid them, when really all I did was set them on my nightstand. I swear I'm going crazy.

Then off to preschool with some more buddies. Actually, I had NO clue Kate felt as friendly towards these girls as she acted for these pictures. She's normally ULTRA shy and a bit picky about who she views as friends. I walked in to watch her cute little preschool program and she instantly demanded pictures and started posing. It was quite hilarious really.

Miss Kris, her teacher, made her a crown for the day. Kate wore it proudly, even to the store.

To be quite frank, I was a little partied out, and opted to let Kate pick a cake from the store rather than make one. A task which required 3 different stores and a pit stop at McD's, until we found the perfect one, but when she saw it, it was love at first site.

We are so glad we have great family and friends who could pop on over and make it feel like a party for Kate. She had a ball, and is in love with every gift she received. (By the way, check out the SUPER cute hat my sister made. So fun!) I'm missing this fun toy stage with my older girls. It goes WAY too fast.

Happy Birthday Kate!! May all your dreams come true. I ADORE this little spunk! Side note: Notice that Flip documenting every moment of the party. (Halle is still loving her b-day gift.)

And a little funny before I end this post Kate:

She's still learning her ABC's but she gets tripped up on K every time.

She sings, "ABCDEFGHIJK-A-T-E".

Well, the alphabet needs some work, but at least she knows how to spell her name.


Grammy said...

Well, at least it rhymes.

Deanna said...

She is too cute!!! And I agree with Grammy. :)

We haven't gotten past "b" with Tanner! LOL!

Mama Williams said...

Oh my how the time flies by us Elena! Our babies are getting so BIG! It's great, but I am also missing the cute toy stage. No toys on the Christmas list this year. Yikes! How are we ever going to keep up with all the technology. Now I have to go check out a FLIP. Congrats to your family and all the happy birthdays. You know it's my favorite time of year too. Nice pick of the cake to. It's cute and who can stand to make a cake every week? :)

Deidra Smith said...

What a fun birthday. And the hat is adorable! Happy Birthday Kate!

p.s. this morning on tiff's blog, she had a post that said if you blog about shutterfly, you can get 50 free cards. That makes the Christmas cards a little easier this year. I had already ordered mine, but I thought I'd pass along the info in case you were interested:)

Brandon and Emily said...

What a magical month September is!... And I am not talking about the birthdays!LOL. I am glad princess Kate had a great birthday!

becky ward said...

i love her version of the alphabet! how funny! it was a great party. my boys loved having an excuse to play at your's been FOREVER. i love the picture of her with owen and wes. so funny.
looks like you survived. now onto christmas! (;

Our Family said...

Yay! Happy birthday, Kate!! We miss you!

Lee Ann said...

Happy Birthday to your little cutie! Can't believe how she's grown since we've started blogging :) I'm amazed at all you get accomplished this time of year! You deserve a nap!

Jennifer P. said...

5 already kids grow up so much faster than they used to.

Brenda said...

She is a doll!! Glad you made it through birthday must be wonder woman!!

Lib said...

Ithink THAT'S Funny that Kate spells her name instead of singing the real alfahbet this is from Liberty

Trish said...

That's adorable. I love how she says her alphabet. It's almost so cute that you don't want her to learn it correctly! What a sweet girl.