Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's COLD Outside

We've had our first official blast of the arctic come through here this week. A little over a foot of snow has dropped and the winds have been insane. Shoveling the side walk is about an every 2 hour event. Yesterday every single freeway and highway was closed due to blizzard conditions in the entire Eastern half of the state. Today's high I think has already been hit (at 9 AM) and is 5 degrees and dropping. Add some wind chill to that and it's -12ish outside. Brrrrr...

All this cold air plus a dose of the seasonal cold bug has caused Kate's asthma to rear it's ugly head. Poor girl is hacking like a smoker. We've got her on some steroids and breathing treatments for the next few days and hope she'll be feeling better soon. I'm so grateful for our own personal nebulizer we bought through ebay to keep on hand for just these kinds of events. Hopefully that will lessen the midnight ER runs for us.

We've been enjoying staying warm and cozy in our pj's all week (as the kids have school off for Thanksgiving break) watching movie after movie. Including, but not limited too, a Harry Potter marathon. Saw the new movie last night and thought it was fabulous.

Tomorrow we will attempt to forge our way out to my mom's house (actually the roads are much better now, it's just freezing cold) to enjoy a yummy Thanksgiving feast. We have much to be thankful for and it is nice to have a holiday dedicated to just that. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and stay warm!

Update: For my warm and balmy weathered Southern friends, here are pictures.
Snow in the middle of the road waiting for the snow plows to scoop it all up.

Iced over round about. (And a lovely shot of my cracked windshield.)

A path for a turn lane equals big piles of snow.

Home Sweet Home, snug and warm inside.

The reality of snowy days.


Gina said...

We might as well be living there this week. We are hovering at about 14*, which is super low for us. It snowed all day Monday and left us a few inches. I was just on FB a few minutes ago and people around me are saying they are seeing more, so I know it is coming.
Personally, I hate it! I live at 0ft and less than 1/2 mile from the ocean. It's not supposed to do that here!
Happy Thanksgiving. Feel better Miss Kate.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

It is just wrong to talk about snow and not have pictures :-) - some of us just can't relate. Especially since it's supposed to be 70ish here tomorrow. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that part?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Awww...just for me? Thanks for the pictures - it still is another world! Snow plows? Piled up snow? Not from these parts! When we get "snow" it's more like ice - and NO ONE is out driving!

Lee Ann said...

I know it can get old, but we really would like just a little of your snow. Flakes that don't add up to anything just aren't enough :(

Allisyn said...

I know that round about it is right by sonic..:)

Trish said...

Oh, that looks lovely! I wish I could come visit while it's snowy! :) I miss it so.