Monday, July 23, 2007

Basement progress: one month

We began the basement exactly one month ago today. We now have plumbing, electrical outlets, lights, heat ducts, a fireplace hookup, and walls. It's so exciting to see it all coming together. I just can't wait to be done! The bathroom has gone from bare studs and a pile of dirt and cement on the floor, to a new entry, closet and an actual tub in the room! Can you believe I am standing in exactly the same place in both of these pictures?

The toy nook has been transformed into a cute raised stage with an arched entry. This is my favorite part about the basement.

Here's one of the bedrooms. This one happens to be Halle's. She was the unlucky one with the heating vent running through her room, but I think it is really cute how the ceiling comes down lower over her closet door. Wish I was really creative and could think of some cute way to decorate it. Suggestions?

Another view from the back end of the family room. The doorway at the end leads into the girls' rooms.

Now for the really messy part... mudding and sanding. (Oh the dust!)


Anonymous said...

I like the model in the last picture.

Anonymous said...

I looked again and realized that he is in the second one too.

Anonymous said...

I love the toy nook! can't wait to see it when its finished. p.s. give up on dusting until its done! :)

Dawnyel said...

WOW!! Amazing the work you can do when you're motivated! ;) LOVE it!!

becky ward said...

It's coming along. I can't wait to see the final product.