Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random Pics

These girls.....what would they ever do with out each other?

Whoops, I don't feel like flipping this picture right now. I put it on here because I just LOVE the way Kate says swimsuit. "Shwimshoop", it's adorable.

Halle has been having a blast at her summer science camp. She comes home with the coolest projects and some great facts to share.

And finally, poor little Carter fell from the monkey bars last night after baseball practice and now he can't walk. (He crawls everywhere; it's pitiful.) I am wondering if he cracked his foot. I don't know what do now. I've known a couple of kids who have broken their foot and the docs said there's nothing to be done. My pediatrician isn't in today and even if he was, they don't do x-rays at their office. The ER is so blasted expensive and in my opinion, they are sometimes heartless. And the urgent care is sometimes stupid. (And by stupid, I mean they don't know what they are doing.) So what's a mother to do? I'll keep you posted.


Jennifer Jamison said...

Here's my unsolicited advice on Carter's foot.... If he still can't walk on it by tomorrow morning, you should get it looked at. Because if it is fractured, it could affect a growth plate, and he could have problems later on if it doesn't heal correctly.... :(

P.S. I send you a bill for my professional services. :)

Natalie and Quin said...

Poor little Carter, he is so tuff! Those pics of the girls are soooo cute, this blog has a roller coster of emotions.

Anonymous said...

Haha that Halle mummy is priceless! A real treasure.

stevie kay said...

So what's up with you not having an answering machine at your house? I guess I'll have to start leaving your messages here ;-D Enrichment tonight at 6:30. There is a nursery, and you better be there!

Elena said...

Fur- I agree, better safe than sorry.

Natalie- He is pretty tough. He doesn't even cry until he forgets that he's hurt and accidently steps on the foot.

Natalie- A treasure for sure. I HAD to have a picture to remember it by.

Stevie- What in the world? I do have voice mail, so I don't know how come you didn't get it. Strange. I hope to be there, we'll see, my day is turning rather crazy.

Jennifer P. said...

oh what--you didn't mean stupid as in "really cool" :)?! So sorry to hear about Carter's foot. I can just imagine him crawling everywhere--poor thing! Hope he gets better soon.

And I loved the photo of Halle and Alyssa napping together. And Kate in her suit ;)!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer- I meant stupid as in they are idiots and give improper diagnosis, but I thought I'd be a little kinder. But no, they're not cool, and still that's where I took him. Hope they're right this time around. And yes, Carter crawling around is really sad. The worst is when he's crawled to the bathroom and then yells, "Mom! I need to go potty." He just can't stand up to get his pants down and himself on the toilet alone. Poor kid. I feel like I have an infant again carrying him everywhere.