Thursday, June 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy Birthday to my mom! My mom is a great mom and a great friend to me. She's always willing to help out whenever we need anything. My kids adore her and so does my dog. :) (He'd make a great birthday present by the way.) My mom has a kind heart and loves her family more than anything. Thank you mom for being you and Happy Birthday!
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"The Queen in Residence" said...

You make me want to call all the mom's in my life and tell them thanks for all the wonderful things they have done in my life. What would we do without them?.....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that sweet Happy Birthday message. It made my day. Thanks for letting me be your mom.

Miki said...

Hello Janet!!! Happy Birthday June baby. I always wanted a June birthday baby to fit right between Mark's birthday (May) and my birthday (July), and we never quite made it (not to say I'm disappointed because I have three lovely children out of the deal). So anyway, June birthday people always get the envy of my eye in the littlest way "what a lucky person to be born in June" I always think.

Anyway, I'm so glad you're you because you made Elena somewhat, if not a lot, her! Thank you for being you so Elena could be herself!

Did that make sense?

Anyway, Happy June Birthday Mrs. Janet Smith!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Miki. What a sweet comment.

I was actually due the last day of May, but decided to come late. So, I guess I lucked out to get a June b-day. Only problem is, all of my children have paid me back big time by also being late. Ha~!

And thank you for being Elena's friend.

becky ward said...

happy birthday janet!