Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Ready for more recipes to try out this week? I've got two from last week on my menu. Can't wait to try them out. Thank you to everyone who participated last week. I copied all of the recipes and added them to my file.

*If you have a tried and true recipe please share it on your own blog. Leave a comment here with your recipe title so we can come on over and check it out. Remind your readers to post comments on your blog with their own recipe titles so we can check them out too. Happy Eating!*

Fruit Salad

I might be cheating a bit here. This really isn't a recipe per say, but I think it is one of the tastiest fruit salad combos I've had.




The slight tartness of the blackberries mixed with the sweetness of the strawberries, followed up with the mellow, very sweet cantaloupe makes for one delicious combination of flavors.


stevie kay said...

Bruschetta Dip

Debbie said...

My mouth is watering! And yes we can still be friends even though you liked WALL-E ;)

Lisa said...

santa fe chicken

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Yum. I love fruit salad...and like making it myself because I like to leave out all the melon :-) My internet has been down today and is just now coming back up...so I am going to work on getting a recipe up...and will check back in if I get my act together! :-)

becky ward said...

honey mustard chicken

Elise said...

Oooh-- YUM! That looks so tasty!!

I need to put another recipe on my blog-- I'll come back to this one and put the name of the recipe when I do.

By the way, your header looks AWESOME!!

Nichole said...

suh-weet new layout! yum yum salad~

Jennifer P. said...


Jewelle said...

I love your new layout! You always find the coolest paper and embellishments.

Anna said...

I love your patriotic look. I can't wait for my strawberries to ripen. Anna

Emily said...

Why do I always forget TIT day?

Miki said...

I am LOVING Try it Tuesday (I just can't say it).

I can't wait to look at everyone's recipes, and fruit salad is right up my alley!!! I've never tried that combo....mmmmmmm.

This is a big success!