Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American Idol Top 12

Man, I have been in a blogging rut for a few days, so I decided to shake things up with continuing my American Idol chat. I know that most of us discuss this on Becky's weekly AI blog, but I just can't help myself tonight.

How about tonight's show, eh?!! FINALLY some great performances and a lot of competition for my little Archuleta. Who, by the way, I think was VERY humbled tonight. Poor kid. It was still a nice performance (when he remembered his words) but it just wasn't comfortable for him. I think he was VERY nervous and it got the best of him big time.

As far as other great performances of the night, Chekizie came out of nowhere tonight. WOW! Good for him, although he's still not my favorite.

And how about David Cook! Whoo-hoo, he was great! Loved the lights and the whole rocker spin and everything.

And more and more I am falling in love with Jason Castro. He's moving more to the cute side of my scale and less from the creepy. I really like his guitar and quiet style. At first it bugged me when his voice would crack, but I am liking it more and more. And I think he seems like a fun, decent kid.

I am still not a huge fan of any of the girls.
I thought Amanda's performance was good, but I really hate her voice.
And Carly.....I just can't figure it out with her. She's good and I can't stand her all at the same time.

My pick for going home tomorrow is between Ramiele and Kristy. (But it wouldn't hurt my feelings any if David Hernandez took a hike.)
It was pretty but a bit predictable. Just not rock star quality, but nothing bad to say.
Was that not the worst version of a Beatles song ever? I really didn't like it. And those last high notes could have broken glass!
Cheesy, cheesy, and aside from last week's performance, I have never liked him.

Listen to me thinking I am Simon Cowell. (LOL!!)


The CEO said...

I can't believe you aren't cheering for Brooke. I think (based on things she's said) that she's LDS....

becky ward said...

i love it. one thing i forgot to comment about on my post was simon and ryan. their little bantering back and forth is getting a little uncomfortable and annoying. is it just me? fun show tonight. can't wait for tomorrow. (;

Elena said...

Shanna- She's just a bit too cheesy for me. Everything seems so complicated and thought out for her, but she does have a nice voice. I have nothing bad to say about her performances.

Becky-Yes! Especially when poor Amanda was up there. They could hardly get her number up b/c they were bantering so much. And what was up with Simon's hair tonight. YUCK!

Jennifer P. said...

I'm voting for Brooke too. Love her! She doesn't do anything super impressive, but her voice is so calming--like Norah Jones. I would just want to plug her in and CHILL! Thought she might be LDS--even if she's not, I appreciate that she brings a little modesty to the show. No shoulders, cleavage, or tummy shots so far.

It really bothers me the way Simon and Ryan fight the whole time. And Simon and Paula. It starting to feel downright uncomfortable--like I'm not sure if I'm watching a talent show or WWF smackdown. I wonder if they encourage them to do that?

As for the guys--the australian (Michael?) and David are my favorite. I'm more for character than straight talent.

Mama Williams said...

I'm with ya! But what about Brooke? We could've gone to BSU with her- she's so cute and nice and I like her style. She's one of my favorites!

Brandon and Emily said...

I would have to agree with the 2 people you chose to go home. Ramiele I think she is really cute and a good singer but she picks the slow and boring song’s each week. Kristy she should just go home after last night's performance! Enough said.

Miki said...

Man.....I am SO different from absolutely EVERYONE!!! I'm almost a little scared to say my opninion!!! I will be run out of town with pitchforks...even by you Elena!!

I was actually thinking that Ryan S. stood up for himself rather nicely to Simon, and liked it! AHHHHH! I don't like or dislike Ryan, I just thought I understood where he was coming from, "I'm the host, and I get to do it!"

As far as Paula and Simon arguing, I always enjoy watching what people do in a "squirmy situation" to see if they will come out victorious. I'm always cheering for them, "you can do it, you can say something clever!" It never seems to work out well in real life however. It's just messy.

As far as the singing goes, I JUST couldn't even pay any attention to any of them. I tried to be more interested since I know you are Elena, but I was just mildly entertained. I liked dred lock guy.

What I think is MOST funny, is how much attention YOU pay to the show Elena!!! How hilarious!! I LOVED all of your opinions and comments. They just made me laugh and think, "What? When? Simon's hair? It was yucky?" I just laughed.

Jonathan & Rachel said...

For sure I agree with you on who should go home. The whole David Hernandez scandle thing is VERY disturbing to me and I just can't watch him and not think of that! And totally those 2 girls should go-I also thought Syesa was weak! I wish they could just kick off 3 tonight!!! I LOVE Jason Castro-he's become my fav! I agree with you on all the others. But I also think Brooke is my fav girl-even though she totally bugged me in the beginning. And for the record she is LDS. Excited for tonight!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! I am loving all this chit chat. So fun! And OKAY, Brooke is good. :) She really does have a nice voice and she's cute, but her personality bugs me for some reason. I am sure she'll go far though because she is ultra talented. So far we've seen her play both the guitar and piano with zero flaws.

Jennifer- Yes, her modesty is refreshing. I enjoyed Michael's performance too. I enjoy a straight forward song once in a while and he did just that.

Julie- I am afraid she would have driven me nuts in college, not to mention the fact that she would have been a HUGE success (and that would have just made me jealous.). j/k

Emily- Yep, Ramiele better step it up next week if she stays around.

Miki- No one is going to run you out with a pitchfork. Different opinions are what make this so absolutly entertaining and interesting.

Rachel- Yeah, Syesha was very weak. I think how cute she is will save her bacon this week. I'm so glad to know there is another Jason fan out there.

Deanna said...

So, I haven't been watching, but that's okay...I'm sure you'll let me know who wins! I love that I can just look at your blog and find out how it's all going down. Thanks for keeping me posted on the whole AI thing! Seriously, I really like that I can get the short version of the show on your blog! Keep it up!

Elise said...

I was waiting for David H. to say, "I'm from Arizona and I work as a male stripper." No one is buying the pizza place bit! He is ick.

I am not a huge Brooke fan. I think she is okay, but nothing she has done has ever rocked my socks like some of the other people. Religion doesn't have anything to do with it for me.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but my new favorite idol is actually David Cook. I think he is really cool. Weird, but cool.