Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break Fun

A picnic at Daddy's office, complete with watching trailers from funny movies.

The cup is bigger than she is, but that doesn't stop her from taking a swig or two.

What fun would a restaurant be without hanging spoons from your nose? We had breakfast with Mimi at IHOP (and I must say the who-cakes are really quite good).

A trip to the pet store is always fun.

Of course, we had to come home with something. Meet Alyssa's new fish, Rockstar.

Carter watched Transformers and has fallen in LOVE with it. Thank goodness we had a Toys-R-Us gift card from Uncle Quin and Aunt Natalie to buy Carter his first transformer, Smokescreen.


Jennifer P. said...

Love that they can all hang spoons off their noses! i seem to be the only one in this family with that "gift".

Tell Alyssa she picked a great name for her new fish. He looks like a rockstar with all that shiny and red!

Zane just saved up his money to buy a Transformer too--he picked Jazz. Funny how they're made of plastic now instead of metal--but still cool ;)!

Glad you guys had such a fun Spring break!!!

becky ward said...

ihop sounds delicious! i am so jealous! i love the pictures of them with the spoons. too fun.

Miki said...

I still want to try that yummy sounding children's IHOP pancake thingy. Darn 5 bucks....hmm. We'll have to do something. It just sounds fun.

Torman said...

I love Love Love that you take your camera everywhere! These are some fun pictures!

Natalie and Quin said...

Awesome!!! We got him his first Transformer. Go us!!! It is a really cool movie though.

Jonathan & Rachel said...

Sounds like a fun spring break! Hopefully you guys will actually get "spring" soon!

Elise said...

You're such a fun mom, Elena! Way to make their spring break memorable!