Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend in McCall

Our weekend getaway with our friends the Petersons proved to be exactly what we needed. It was great to sit and know that the only thing on the agenda was more sitting. Our kids played great together and the only fighting I heard came from the two two-year-olds. And, even those fights were just noise, no hitting, biting, or knocking down this time around. Whew!

JArom caught up on some much needed rest.

Games, play station, and wii entertained these kids almost 8 hours a day. It was great! (Now it's back to reality for all of them, no more rotting their brains away.)

Time for a soak. Watch out for those intake jets though; they leave giant hickeys on your back. Just ask Jarom. LOL!

A little pool, but make sure you play alone, cause fingers whacked by pool balls hurt!

A bunch of good friends. Seriously, I don't think my kids have ever played better than they did with these cute boys this weekend. At one point I heard someone ask, "Are we cousins or just friends?" When it was time to leave, Ethan asked if Halle could come home with him. He said, "She's a Peterson now." We asked if they had gotten married (which I thought would bring a giggle or a "gross"), but they both said, "YEAH!) Uh-oh...

Zane and Alyssa had such a great time together. They are a lot alike, so it makes spending time together effortless.

Thank heavens for wireless internet. Don't worry world, we still knew what you were up too.

The kids had lots of fun in the snow! The cabin is on a hill and the driveway made the best sledding hill. Even I went down (once).

Sometimes those snow clothes can be a little difficult to remove.

Jarom and Brad waiting to eat. We decided to make a trek into town for dinner one night. The kids were really quite well behaved. Oh and by the way, "Hey Jennifer? Ha, ha, you got the word!"

Mommies and their boys waiting for dinner. (Well, one of Jennifer's boys anyway.)

And a trip isn't complete without a visit to the doctor. It was Jarom's turn this time. He had what we thought was a BIG zit on his forehead, but after his ENTIRE forehead swelled we realized that it wasn't a zit. The doc told him he has a staff infection and gave him some antibiotics. Here's hoping they work and he doesn't have MRSA like some other people we know have had in the past. (Brandon, the two of you could be in Horton Hears a Who with your Whoville nose and his Whoville head!)

We had left Jarom's Mustang parked at the Farnsworth's house so we stopped in for a short visit on our way home. David was ELATED when JArom offered to let him drive it to the corner and back. (He's only 14, remember how much fun driving was when you weren't allowed to do it yet?)
Look at the sheer bliss on his face.

Enjoying a little sun after the snow. (Now we're back home in the snow. Boo...but it's melting!!)

THANKS for such a nice weekend guys!!!!!!!


The Manwarings said...

Oh, what a fun weekend. I hope Jarom's infection gets better. That really stinks, but make sure he gets some good pictures of it for us.

Anonymous said...

Glad your back home safe and sound. One more week to go! That's quite some bump on Jarom head, do you need the venom pump, ooo. Mom

Brandon and Emily said...

Poor, poor Jarom!! We feel for you! I have to admit it is pretty funny that you have it on your forehead! Ha ha ha. Looks like a fun weekend.

Jennifer P. said...

So fun to see the pictures you got vs. the ones we did! You forgot to mention that Jarom was carrying his laptop with the BYU basketball game playing on it while we waited at the restaurant :)!

So much fun! Sorry you guys had to go back to the snow!

Hope Jarom feels better soon!

Jennifer Jamison said...

Yikes! How did he get an infection in his forehead? Amazing...

Glad you had fun in McCall! :)

becky ward said...

Poor Jarom...but, we want to see pictures! And, it sounds like you had a great time. I love the picture of all those kids on the floor. Too cute!

PS who wouldn't be smiling when sitting in the drivers seat of jarom's mustang! I don't care how old you are!(;

LouandAngela said...

What a fun trip! Thanks for making me jealous--uh, I mean sharing! :) Keep us posted on Jarom's strange illness! YIKES!

Deanna said...

Tell Jarom good luck with that. Sometimes it's better just have a big ole' zit...unfourtunately. Maybe you could cut him some bangs - that always worked for me, unless I had a honker on my nose. :)

Glad you had a great weekend!

Elena said...

Yes, poor Jarom. He says it hurts like the dickens. If you blow up the picture of him in the hot tub you can kind of see the swelling, but that's only the half of it. It swelled clear down to his nose and got bigger by the next day. He said he wore his hat to work but everyone who saw him instantly asked him if he was sick. He just must not look quite right. (As bad as I feel for him, I just can't help but laugh. Sorry hon, you know I love you.)

Deanna said...

I just got on to show Ryan Jarom's problem...He feels bad, too, but laughed, too. He really does hope Jarom starts to feel better!

Emily said...

What a fun time, the snow is amazing! i can't believe how high it is!

Miki said...

You know what? I think there was a guy on project runway that had to deal with some sort of infection that was right under his nose (or in his nose).

His whole upper lip swelled. It made his face look completely different. He was hospitalized for FIVE DAYS!!

I don't know if that thing was the same as Jarom's, but I immediately thought of that guy, and got a little worried for Jarom.

I'm glad everything seems to be going okay though, and the trip just sounded so relaxing, and just what the doctor ordered, for everyone!

It's good to have you all back safe and sound with good memories to boot.

Nichole said...

i can't believe you came to our little hamlet without announcing yourselves and coming to introduce yourselves. Looks likes you ate at the second best place to eat in McCall, Chapala. Did you go to Steamers? The first best place to eat. I feel SO slighted! ;( jk

Anonymous said...

Nichole- I actually did think about you while we were there. I promise next time we come we'll make ourselves known. :)