Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It Got Ugly

Last night I made Jarom send me a picture of his head so that I could see if it was getting worse or not. Well, when I got the picture I audibly gasped at how much worse it had gotten. Suddenly it was no longer a laughing matter. I won't post the picture to save his dignity (but I am sure if you come over and ask nicely he'll let you see it), but the swelling had spread clear down the bridge of his nose and over one eye.

We both decided that he better take a trip to the ER just to be safe. I was freaking out that maybe the infection could spread into his brain or his blood stream. (Before you laugh at me, it DOES rarely happen and my Grandpa died from a staph infection in his blood stream.) So, my good husband obeyed his wife and dutifully went to the emergency room.

There, they lanced his "wound", drained a BUNCH of junk out of it (I am sad I missed out on that part. You all know how much I love a good zit popping.), gave it a good scrub, put some ointment on it, gave him yet ANOTHER antibiotic to take, took a culture, and gave him a tetanus shot.

When he got back to the hotel (at 2am) he sent another picture to me and it had now spread over both eyes. Poor guy, but since I knew he was on as much medication as possible, I lovingly nicknamed him Quasimodo. It really is the craziest thing I've seen.

I haven't talked to him yet today, so I don't know if it is getting better yet, but we are praying for his face to return to normal and the infection to stop spreading.


The Manwarings said...

Oh my heavens, the poor guy. I hope he gets better and that the swelling doesn't get worse. I can't imagine driving back to Idaho Falls with his eyes like that. And yes, we'll have to ask to see the picture next time we're over. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Man, Jarom, all I can say is that I know how you feel. Hopefully the infection responds to the antibiotic and it all clears up quickly. When you get back we'll be able to compare pitures :)

Anonymous said...

Man, Jarom, all I can say is that I know how you feel. Hopefully the infection responds to the antibiotic and it all clears up quickly. When you get back we'll be able to compare pictures :)

Jennifer P. said...

Alright--since we already saw how bad it was getting, and since I kept my end of the bargain not to post his back hickeys--I think you should send my a picture of this monstrosity :)! Guess I'm a little gross too--because I love to look at "medical deformities". Man!--that can't feel good! Hope he gets better ASAP!

And I love your dream by the way. You really need to write a book!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling really bad that I laughed at poor Jarom, now I'm getting worried. Sorry Jarom! Mom

Elena said...

Amber- We thought about me flying over to drive him home, but he swears he's okay to do it.

Brandon- Maybe we can create Halloween masks from the two of you's pictures.

Jennifer- I'll be sure to tell Jarom that you have the right to gawk at him. :) (Maybe he'll let me send you the pic.)

Anna- I know, I feel kind of bad for laughing too, but you just can't help it when you see him. :)

Brandon and Emily said...

I am also concerned! I thought the same thing about it spreading to the brain. I hope he gets better now that the wound is open and can drain and help reduce with the swelling. Nasty stuff I am telling you. I am as well sorry for calling you a unicorn.

Miki said...

What in the heck!!!! I TOLD YOU!!! I'm soooo worried that it's the same thing as that guy on T.V.!!

Okay, the guy on T.V. had aids, Jarom is no where near an aids carrier. The guy on T.V. was gay, and we both know rather well, Jarom is NOT gay (as if being gay has anything to do with an infection in the face), but I'm just saying that he was a mess (the guy on T.V.) and it was rather serious. It was life threatening!


His face was so puffy, he didn't even look like himself. I think his upper lip swelled at least a half an inch, and it made his nose look way bigger than it was meant to look.

What is that dream disease you mentioned? M something something something? I'll look it up. I'll also look up that Project Runway guy.

Man.......you've had a day!! I've got to go get ready!!! Tell you about it soon.