Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily!

Yesterday we went to Logan for our niece's baptism. I, like the idiot, didn't even get a picture of Megan, BUT congratulations anyway!!

Yesterday was also my sister-in-law Emily's birthday. (Happy LATE birthday Emily!) So after we celebrated the baptism we all went out for dinner to celebrate the birthday. We enjoyed a YUMMY dinner at Cafe Sabore where we stuffed ourselves until not one more bite could fit in our stomachs.

On our way home, Chris's (my brother-in-law) truck ran out of gas, so we jumped out and pushed it about 1/2 mile to the gas station. Let me just tell you that a gut full of food, a 1/2 ton truck, and a very out of shape body make for a pretty pitiful person.

We tried to talk Katie (sister-in-law) into working extra hard and putting herself into labor so that we could have a baptism, a birthday, and a new baby all in one day, but she wasn't as on board as we all were. So we'll all be returning soon to see the new arrival when she comes.


Miki said...

It WAS a good weekend! How funny with all of the stories. I can just hear the group giving each other guff as you all pushed the truck. So funny.

I, as of late, seem to always be forgetting to take pictures at important moments: Easter Sunday with the kids all dressed up in thier new Easter outfits, the last visit from Mary and Lloyd as they left for two years to Russia, stuff like that! I JUST kick myself!!

I'll have to do better (I'll keep telling myself that, then maybe it will happen).

Camille said...

That is such a cute picture of Emily!

Jennifer P. said...

Funny that in this hi-tech world we still have to PUSH our cars when they run out of gas :)! Glad you guys had a fun weekend! Ya'al are just the busiest, traveling family I think I've ever known!!!

becky ward said...

yes, a fun weekend! and you got a great shot of emily in her birthday sombreo! happy birthday emily!

LouandAngela said...

Sounds like quite the adventure! That's a long way to push a truck. YIKES!!

Darling picture of Emily. I didn't know Katie was pregnant. Exciting! Where does she live?

BTW, my cake wasn't as fancy as all that. It was a boxed butter pecan (great recipe, eh?)cake. The burnt butter frosting is pretty easy. You just put some butter in a pan and melt it until it turns brown (thus, burnt). Then make your frosting with powdered sugar, milk & a little vanilla. I never measure it. I just keep pouring things until it's the right consistency. And then I chopped up some pecans and sprinkled them on top! Voilla! (is that how you spell that?)

Brandon and Emily said...

Elena your the best! Thanks for posting that embarrassing picture of me!

Elena said...

Miki- Yes, get that camera out! I need a new post from you.

Camille- It is a cute one, isn't it? She was so embarrased with that sombrero on, but it was really cute.

Jennifer- Yeah, we probably should have just waited for someone to come tow us, but it was a good way to burn off the BIG burrito I had for dinner.

Becky- It was a good time. Hope you guys had fun spending the night. We should have too.

Angela- still sounds good, boxed cake and all. I didn't even know there was a butter pecan cake mix. I never ventrue very far from chocolate and white.

Emily- Hope your day was great!

The Manwaring Family said...

Sounds like we missed a lot of fun (or exercise-whatever you want to call it) Saturday night... Great picture of Emily!