Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I've talked to Jarom and it isn't getting any better. If anything it spread a little more, he said he could barely open his eyes this morning. So he is stepping out early from his month long stay and coming home today. He said that by noon, his left eye was starting to look a little bit better, but his co-workers gave him the okay to leave a few days early. The antibiotics are making him nauseous and he threw some of them up earlier, but other than a queasy tummy and a tender, swollen head, he feels okay. We'll see what he looks like tomorrow and he'll be home so we can all keep a better eye on him.

I told Halle that he was on his way, but that his face was going to look kind of funny when he got here. She said, "I don't care what his face looks like. I only care that he's home with us and able to work so that we don't have to sell our house and live in a cardboard box." It really was so sweet. She loves her daddy.


Lee Ann said...

Oh that is so sweet. And what a grown up thing to say. Man, I hope it's not MRSA and that it all mends quickly. You have a right to be nervous. Sometimes these things are scary. That sounds bad...like you should start freaking out. I just mean I'm glad you didn't take it lightly and are getting it checked out.

Deidra Smith said...

Poor guy, hope it gets better soon. And that was really sweet, it's nice to here our kids repeat those things back to us so that we know they hear us every now and then

Jennifer P. said...

Do you think he caught it from the hotel room? Is there a lawsuit in your future? Can we cash in on his ailment too ;)?

Glad he's getting home safe. I think that's the best place for him to recover right now!

becky ward said...

lol...i am dying! halle is such a entertaining young thing. i LOVE how she expresses herself!