Thursday, March 20, 2008


We called the hospital today to get the results from Jarom's culture and they told him that it is showing nothing. No strep, no MRSA, no staph, nada. Of couse it is "still culturing" so something could show up, but is that just the weirdest thing you've ever heard? Who knows, Jennifer, maybe it was a spider bite. He looks completely better as far as swelling goes, his "wound site" (or zit as I like to call it), still looks like a large zit with a hole carved out of the middle where they lanced it. But, it seems as if the drugs are killing whatever he has. Or who knows, maybe we all imagined the entire thing and he never had anything. (NOT!) But, the good news is that he's getting better and not worse.


Jennifer P. said...

THat is the WEIRDEST thing! I can't imagine it doing what it did to him and being....NOTHING! They can test for spider venom and what not, so I wonder if you should have that done. Maybe it was just his body's way of saying "Let's go home now old boy! Enough work :)!". Glad he's going to be alright!