Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Family Funnies

Just a few family funnies to add today.

A few days ago we were reading scriptures and it was Alyssa's turn to read. She borrowed my set and began to read. All of a sudden I heard her say (without skipping a beat) "donkey" and then she just kept on a reading. As I was thinking, "I don't remember donkey being in there", Alyssa began to giggle uncontrollably. Apparently the word was "ass" but the good girl she is, couldn't bring herself to say it. Then we all had a good giggle.

Kate is a VERY independent soul. She wants zero help when it comes to just about anything, but especially dressing. Lately though she's had trouble getting shirts or dresses on. She'll get it over her head and then start screaming, "It's dark in here!"

My parent's have a herd of deer that frequent their yard. We get a big kick out of watching them. The other night we were watching them and it was very obvious that one in particular was in charge. Halle said, "The herd director is telling everyone what to do." That one is now named Herd Director.

I gave Carter a big hug and squeeze and told him I loved him. Then I asked him if he loved me, to which he replied, "Yes". Then I asked how much and he said, "Uhhhh, a little bit." SQUIRT!!

Whenever I tell Carter to get his tennis shoes on he always looks at me funny and says "You mean my soccer shoes." We bought this particular pair of shoes last fall when he was in a city soccer class. I have just thought that he called them his soccer shoes because of that class. I FINALLY (I know, I am an idiot) figured out he really thought I was saying "tennis" shoes as in tennis class and these shoes were "soccer" shoes.


Emily said...

I don't like saying that A-word either... I always say Donkey too. What a good girl! ;)

Jennifer P. said...

I say donkey too :)--what prudes we all are! Those stories are all so precious. Great kids every one of them!

becky ward said...

these are great. i was just thinking how i wanted to blog some of the silly things my boys are saying and doing lately. your kids keep us all so entertained. (:

Lee Ann said...

Those are all good and I'm so glad you wrote them down. They'll be fun to look back on. My favorite is you and the tennis shoes. I knew what was coming only because Anna has asked why I call them tennis shoes.

Deanna said...

Are you still up this late! :) I got the pulls at HomeDept. They were .98 I think? A great deal - and they are so much fun! I think there's still some lefe ;) You have to look closely, the silver and bronze are all mixed in together. all but one match in my set, I'm just too lazy to take it back - and only I can really tell...just me. Hope you find what you're looking for! Night!

Anonymous said...

Alyssa - a girl after my own heart
Halle - keeps us laughing
Kate - the cutest little pill
Carter - makes me want to squeeze him

Miki said...

oh Elena. Such fun stories. It's a good smile for sure.

LouandAngela said...

Oh these are GREAT famiy funnies! I love it!

And Gehrig would probably jump at the opportunity to say ass--except maybe he doesn't know that word yet. Let's hope! :)