Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Sharing Time

I have to...uh, I mean get to do sharing time this Sunday. So.....if you have any interesting/fun ways to present the Easter story to children PLEASE send them my way!!! THANKS

*Any and ALL ideas welcome.


Emily said...

I wish I had a good sharing time for you... I can't remember any of my old sharing times, that was 5+ years ago!

Just wanted to say congrats for Jarom making it back home, sounds like a horrible infection, anything that messes with your face is hard to deal with, because--well, that's what everyone looks at. Take it from a girl who's lived through 4 black eyes, 32 facial stitches over the bridge of my nose, and other things. I am the scar princess you know.

Congrats again, enjoy your family time, and good luck on your sharing time.

OH HEY, wait, I just had an idea. If you have the latest Friend magazine, there is a mini-book inside called "the life of Jesus Christ" or something like that... you could copy enough for everyone and have the kids make it. You could just tell about each page, maybe even back it up with scriptures for the older kids, along with some sort of game? Hmmmmmm.... anyway, take it or leave it, my feelings won't be hurt.

Jennifer P. said...

The only thing I can think of is to put different scriptures from the resurrection story inside of plastic eggs and have them open them in a certain order. not very exciting, but maybe you could build off of that.

Anonymous said...

My all time favorite Easter Sharing time is to have several fill and thrill eggs with items relating to scriptures about Easter. The best one and the last one is a empty egg, John 24:6 "He is not here, He is Risen!" Anna

Lee Ann said...

You can purchase eggs along the line of what Jennifer and Anna were saying....if you want to spend $12. You could probably make something as well.

I have Resurrection Eggs and bought them at any bible book store. Inside each egg is something to help tell the story. Just to give you some ideas.....

Egg #1 is a donkey because Jesus rode a donkey in on Palm Sunday
#3 is a cup for the last supper
#5 is a leather strap that they whipped him with
#9 is a crown of thorns
#11 is a rock for the stone that was removed from the tomb
#12 is empty

Deanna said...

I have no suggestions...but will you let me know if you decided to use the eggs? I don't want to do the same thing for singing time! I have a few ideas I can use besides the eggs - so yea - if you get in figured out by Saturday, let me know!

Miki said...

My goodness. These are GREAT suggestions. I'm subbing tomorrow, and might "steal" a few for myself. Mind you, it's no sharing time, but class time with 5 year olds can go pretty slow without "something" fun to do! I have some eggs, I have some paper strips, voila!

Is stealing okay on the day before Easter?

Miki said...

Yes. Yes, it is.


P.S. Sorry no ideas from me. Can't wait to hear what you did!!