Thursday, March 06, 2008

Locked Out

Tuesday night, I shut the door to the office and I was locked out. Now, we don't have just an ordinary lock on our door, but rather we have the industrial strength, FBI-agent-scan-your-retina-lock.

I tried and tried, but it wouldn't unlock. I don't know if the kids have reprogrammed the code or what, but it wasn't going to open without a key.

I swear I tried every key here at least twice and finally this afternoon, one miraculously opened the door. Now I am back!!!


Jonathan & Rachel said...

So funny! I love your life! I was wondering where you were?? Glad you're back!

Brandon and Emily said...

Your key chain cracks me up! You have like 20 different keys!

Lee Ann said...

That's quite the lock! Glad you got back in.

Anonymous said...

I was starting to get worried. I wondered why there was no communication.

becky ward said...

great post. SOOO glad you are back.

Elena said...

Rachel- Yep, we're always crazy around here.

Emily- I know, it's really insane, but we need all of them. How dumb is that?

Lee Ann- We put it on the door when Jarom worked from home. We needed a way to be sure to keep the kids out of the office.

Mom- Just chaos as usual.

Becky- I'm glad I'm back too, I had TOTAL withdrawal.

Natalie and Quin said...

I think I will get you one of those fashionable Janitor Key Chain deals, complete with retractor. You have enough keys!

Jennifer P. said...

My oh my--what a lot of keys--and interesting keychains :)! I wouldn't put it above Kate to find a way to reprogram that lock!!!

Miki said...

YAY! I remember the day that happened! It was the last day I talked to you before my insane busy (put on myself) week!

You were REALLY locked out for quite a while! No wonder people were wondering....darn door and it's tricky FBI smartness!

I'm glad you outsmarted that darn door, however it decided to lock itself (with or without help)!