Saturday, March 08, 2008

It's a Pirate Party!

My great big 4 year old with his awesome pirate cake. (I was pretty proud of it myself.)

Time for games, first up "Walk the Plank". They each loved walking on this several times, but look out for that shark!

What do you do with a scurvy pirate who wears her pants backwards?

Cannon ball toss. I tried to find black rubber balls, but the dollar store only had colored ones, the kids didn't seem to mind at all.

Hey, I can't see anything!

Can't go on a pirate expedition without a suitcase. She loved playing pirates, but had a cell phone, suitcase, or doll in one hand and a sword in another.

We found buried treasure! I had them do a little treasure hunt and the pinata was the prize. It was really fun.

Pinata time! (If Ogden comes to your party, make sure you give him a soft bat. Man that kid has an arm!) I divided all the candy and goods up into separate baggies and that worked out really well so that no one had hurt feelings about not getting enough candy.

The best time of all PRESENTS!!

Hugs for gifts! This little girl was so funny while Carter opened the present from her. She just stood there and did the hand gesture like "come on, come on" waiting to hug him. It was hilarious.

This is what you get when your uncle is a Marine sniper. (Carter loves it.)

Blow out the candles!

(We also played "Pirate Says", "My Pirate Has a Sword" (like I have a little doggy and he won't bit you), and we watched a part of a pirate cartoon (Sinbad), but honestly they just loved sword fighting (swim noodles cut in thirds work perfectly and no one gets hurt) and playing with the balls the most.


Miki said...

YAY!!! First to comment on this piratey expedition! Absolutely had a smile on my face thinking of all of the creative games (AND CAKE, Good JOB!).

That was a great party. I feel like I got to join in on the fun, and see how fun birthday parties can be..

Thanks Elena

Jennifer P. said...

That is one amazing cake! You make the best cakes and have the neatest ideas for themed-games. If I wasn't 32, I would want to be one of your kids :)!

Happy Birthday again Carter!

The CEO said...

Great cake!!! Hope you are surviving without your hubby!

Emily said...

Looks like a hit! Kudos for your WONDERFUL cake, now that's a masterpiece! Do kids really appriciate the work we put into these parties?! They will some day! ;)

becky ward said...

Owen can't stop talking about the pirate party. He wears his pirate garb non-stop.

The cake was awesome...and delicious too. And i love the picture of your scury pirate! (;

Anonymous said...

I loved the way Owen wanted to have his eye patch on, but would hold his head up so he could peak. So cute. In that 'hug' picture, Halle looks like Liberty.

Brandon and Emily said...

What a fun pirate party! It looks like it was a lot of fun. I love the picture of Kate she is the cutest pirate I've ever seen.

LouandAngela said...

Elena, you are so COOL!! That is yet another amazing party! My kids sure wish we lived closer to you! :) What a cake! And, putting the candy in baggies so that everybody gets a fair share--ingenious!

Hey, even though I'm 32, I'd love to be one of your kids! Can I come and play?

Anonymous said...

Miki- Thanks for the compliments, yes parties can be very fun.

Jennifer- Hey, we can make a pirate cake for your 33rd birthday if you want. :)

Shanna- Thnaks, yep we're surviving. Two more weeks and then we're done. YAY!!

Emily- Thanks, I got the idea off the internet. It was really easy, but turned out great.

Becky- Owen is funny, and I loved the shot of my scurvy pirate too, good thing you took it!

Mom- Mimi said the same thing about HAlle and Liberty when she say that picture.

Emily- She is a cute pirate, she's even got the mean scowl to go with it.

Angela- Thanks, I do need to give some credit to my sister-in-law Missy for throwing her own pirate party and giving me some of these great game ideas. We had a great time.

Jonathan & Rachel said...

I am soooo copying your ideas-hope you don't mind! I've been online and seen a few things-Isaac can't wait! I need some tips on that cake!! Way to go. What a fun day and an amazing mom who always makes their special days extra fun!!

Anonymous said...

Rachel- I got the cake idea from, they have all the instructions there. I just googled pirate cake and there were lots of cute ideas. Can't wait to see how your party turns out!

Mama Williams said...

Wow I love the cake, cute theme! Noodle swords- great idea!

The Manwarings said...

What a fun party. Ogden's still going around saying "Arrgh, captain." I'm so impressed with the cake. That is absolutely adorable, I mean, so tough. Way to go, Elena!!

Elise said...

You throw the best parties! Way to go on dividing the pinata candy-- we've been on the not-well-planned end of that one before. Smart, smart, smart. And that cake is AWESOME!!

Deanna said...

hly Guakamolie! (Yeah, can't spell :) ) Sounds like you had a blast!!! What a fun party idea!!! The cake looks great!

Anonymous said...

Julie- Thanks, the noodle swords really were great. I gave them all plastick swords at the end to take home.

Amber- Yes, tough, cool, awesome, manly, etc. JArom said he wants one for his birthday. Somehow, I just don't think red velvet cake with white icing will look quite as cool.

Elise-yeah, I think it worked well to do the baggies, but I think the kids were shocked when they came out of the pinata. they were all prepared to loot and plunder.

Deanna- That spelling put a smile on my face! :) Where've you been lately?

Deidra Smith said...

I love the cake!! Kade came home to tell me about it in great detail-he was very impressed. I was hoping you'd post pics so I could see. He didn't exaggerate, it's and awesome cake! Good job.

The Manwaring Family said...

Wow at Comment number #18...not much else to say, but awesome cake and loved the party theme. Looks like fun! Great job!