Sunday, March 02, 2008

Weekend of Adventure it's been a very busy weekend for us. We decided to drive to Boise and enjoy some warmer weather, visit our dad, and see some friends. We managed to do quite a bit, but sickness rained on our parade. :(

Friday we arrived and settled in for the weekend at our friend's the Farnsworths' house. That evening I started to feel a slight sore throat and by bed time I was miserable with a fever, aches, and nasty tonsils. (I knew it couldn't be good.)

Saturday recap:
Ron was so nice to let Carter help make the eggs. He had SOOO much fun being the little chef.

The Farnsworths spoiled us with homemade donuts for breakfast. The kids (especially Halle) had a ball dipping the donuts into their choice of 4 different icings and then nuts, coconut, sprinkles of all kinds, or sugar. I don't know that my kids will ever want to stay in a hotel again after this weekend.

The Tooth Fairy had to find us in Boise too! And she surprised Alyssa with a Samoan coin (plus an American buck too). Alyssa loves to collect coins from other countries, so this was a fun surprise.

Kate and cute little Penny. The Farnsworths surprised us with their cute new puppy. My kids couldn't get enough of her (and neither could I for that matter). She is the sweetest little dog. How come I can't get one like that?

I felt lousy, but I still wanted to go shopping and find the kids some new spring dresses. Kate cracked me up when she came around the corner with this get-up on. Apparently she had some opinions as to what she was shopping for too.

Oh my word, I just want to pinch her!

Waiting for the urgent care doc-in-the-box to tell me the sad sad news that I tested positive for strep throat. SUCH a bummer! This unexpected event put a damper on my plans just a bit. Such as surprising Jennifer P. with some dark chocolate goodness and flowers because she's been so sick. But I thought I'd keep the bug to myself. (I feel SOOOOOO awful for bringing the bug to the Farnsworths house. I have been praying and praying that none of them, or Jarom, will catch it! But I do have to say that it was great to have all those AWESOME babysitters around 24/7 so that I could take it easy and rest.) Thankfully I caught it early and got on antibiotics quickly, so it never really had a chance to knock me down too badly.

I did manage to dope myself up enough to keep my dinner plans with my dear friend Miki. We had dinner reservations at PF Changs and it was delish. (Well, until I mistakenly identified a full on chili pepper for a piece of red bell pepper. I seriously thought I had scalded my entire tongue, esophagus, and stomach! It was the HOTTEST thing I have ever eaten, but I am thinking it may have burned the strep right off my tonsils!)

When we got back to the Farnsworths' that evening, they told me that Alyssa had gone to bed early. Bad sign, I knew she had to be sick. Sure enough, during the night she woke up throwing up. Yet another lovely bug to pass on to our gracious hosts. They're never going to want us to stay with them again. (Thankfully she only threw-up once and felt much better by morning.)

Sunday recap:

We went to the church Jarom and I attended when we were newlyweds and when Alyssa was a baby. There were only a handful of people still there that we remembered, but it was so fun to see the old familiar faces. It felt like a life time ago that we were there with them.

After church we had a little birthday celebration for Carter.
Halle "helped" Ron decorate Carter's cake. She was so freaked out when she saw her black mouth after eating the black frosting. She said, " Mom, are you going to ground me?" Why she thought I would ground her for that is a mystery to me, but it was pretty funny regardless. (I don't think I'm THAT mean of a mom.)

The birthday boy and his daddy. Spending time with Dad was the real reason we made the 4 1/2 hours drive and we loved every minute of being with him.

Happy Birthday to my favorite son! Ron and Jana made this cool basketball cake for Carter and he thought it was so cool. It was so fun to spend Carter's actual birthday back in the town where he was born and with some of the people who met him very first. I can't believe it's already been 4 years!! Where does the time go? But I couldn't love a little boy any more than I do Carter, he's just the greatest kid, and we are so lucky to have him as part of our family.

Opening a few presents. He's going to have a "pirate party" this coming weekend with his little friends, so there will be more pictures like this to come. He's so excited.

The kids were so sad to leave. They kept begging to stay "just one more night". Poor little Halle asked, "Is there still snow at home?" When I had to tell her yes, her eyes just filled up with tears, it about broke my heart. But it makes us appreciate Boise all that much more and we're ready to do it again!


Dawnyel said...

WOW!! That was eventful! You were DEFINITELY missed today!
Get feeling better soon!! :)

Jennifer P. said...

Sooooo sad you couldn't come surprise me! Lee Ann ended up with strep and didn't come see me either--poor me :(! Glad you got on top of the strep so quickly.

Funny that you bit into that pepper at PF Changs--Brad did the exact same thing when we were there last! I seriously thought I saw smoke coming out of his ears!!! Nice to put a face to your friend Miki too--HI MIKI!!!

Carter looked so cute at his party. ALL of them actually--sooo cute! Kate in that hat and sitting by the puppy and in her upside down sunglasses--she's a born model :)!

And NO WAY am I canceling our cabing plans! I have been so looking forward to going! I can lay around and rest up there as well as I can here--in fact, that's usually ALL I do there! And because they have food, supplies, and a washing machine--packing is never much of a chore. Just make sure you guys all get better! (Come on Spring and SAVE US ALL!!!).

Glad you guys had such a fun time!

Brandon and Emily said...

It sounds like you had a great time. I am glad that everyone is feeling better.

Jonathan & Rachel said...

What a fun trip!! So sorry you got sick-strep is the worst!! Happy Birthday Carter! Isaac is having a pirate party in May so I'm excited to steal some of you cute ideas! I bet it was sooo go to see Jarom!

Miki said...

Hello!! Look at you, posting already!! I really, really can't believe ALL of the stuff you got done in one weekend. You really never cease to amaze me (who can barely poke her head out of her burrow, happily being a hermit, ME, that is...not you).

--as if anyone would ever mistake you for being the "hermit" kind--

Anyway, THANK you for the great experience at PF Changs. That was SO not funny, and SO funny all at once (you eating that darn pepper). My soul is giggling a little now remembering :). lol.....but I still remember the agony of watching you, and hearing you say, "I think it's getting worse!" (the burn that is...), and then I still JUST feel so BAD!!


I'm just glad it's over (the burn that is.. not your mini vacation). Sheesh, I can't seem to say anything I want to say this morning!

I hope you're feeling better now. I also hope the drive home was okay, with no snow! I think I gave you some faulty information. Remember me saying that I thought it was going to snow at 2000 ft? Silly ME!! Thank you for toughing it out, and coming to see Mark and I anyway!! You poor thing! That vacation was definately one that includes no rest for the weary, but also, great times and good memories.

The Farnsworth's just sound amazing, just like all of your friends, via blog or in person (perfect time to say HI Jennifer! I am a lurker on your blog, but very much shy and love to run away the second anyone is nice to me! I check your blog every day and even tell my husband about your progress on the road to recovery. I'm worried a little for you, and am glad to hear any news that you're doing better. Thanks for the "HI". I feel honored! I know this is the perfect time to end, but I just have to say one last thing....I absolutely love the way you can say the BEST things and convey the perfect emotions in a short sentence or two! A talent to envy for sure....unlike some of us who go on...and on....).


To end, finally, I just wanted to say Elena that I feel so gosh darn satisfied! The next time you come into town, you'll have to go and visit you other starving friends and satisfy them too with some company. It was great!

The Manwarings said...

Wow, sick and on the road, I can't think of anything worse! I hope you're all feeling better and had a good time. It sure looks like a fun trip. Let me know if you need any help with your kids in the next few weeks.

Mama Williams said...

I hope you are feeling better. Your family gets strep more than anyone I know. Maybe we should rip all your tonsils out! :)

Happy birthday Carter! Boy how the time flies.

Anonymous said...

Dawnyel- Thanks, but I am worried now, was primary total chaos or something?

Jennifer- That's funny that Brad did it too. They need to put caution signs on plates containing those things. It was SOOOO hot, I about cried. And I am glad you don't want to cancel our plans, my kids keep asking when we're going. It's going to be a nice break for sure.

Brandon & Emily- I am glad we're feeling better too. Today I finally feel myself again. I hate strep.

Rachel- Maybe you should send me some of your ideas to help me get going. The only thing I can think of is a treasure hunt and walking the plank. But it'll be fun, I just know it.

Miki- I am glad we were able to still get together too. I am still tasting those yummy noodles and (of course) my white chocolate molten lava cake. Mmmmmm..... I may have been sick, but that made it all worth it. LOL!

Amber- I think no one know better than you about being on the road and sick. I'll NEVER forget Carter's blessing when you were all throwing up. That was awful!

Julie- SERIOUSLY! We are certainly prone to it here at this house. At least one of us gets it EVERY year. I hate it! But I am so grateful for antibiotics!!

Elise said...

What a fun weekend! I love it when you can pack a bunch of fun stuff into a short time. Kate looks DARLING in that hat! And may I just say, you sure looked cute going out with Miki! And especially with Strep! I ♥ PF Changs, even with the peppers. :) Glad you guys had fun!

Emily said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww... I have a pic just like that at the urgent care from a vacation too... YUCK! You poor thing!!

Camille said...

Wow! You really had quite an adventure! Sounds like fun to get where it's a little warmer. Spring fever has settled in to our house BIG time! That picture of Kate is SO cute!

becky ward said...

you look so pathetic in the picture. but you also look like a new women at PF Changs (i have never been to that place). glad you had such a good time. and the you think they could become our friends too? what amazing people. that cake they made for carter is too cute. and to babysit for you! gotta love that!