Thursday, February 28, 2008

High Trash

Tonight my sister cut my kids' hair. Halle wanted hers cut short, but I wasn't big on that idea. So we compromised and cut it right under her shoulders. After my sister cut Carter's she secretly styled his hair in a mohawk when I wasn't looking. (She thought she was hilarious.) When I saw it I said, "He looks like a little white trash kid." Halle misunderstood and said, "Mom, why do you think I look like high trash with my short hair?"

I think I will coin the term "high trash" and use it to describe myself. A little class with a bit of trash, that's high trash for ya. LOL!


Dawnyel said...

LOL....I'd LOVE to see your kids with their new 'do's. Your sister does SUCH a good job with hair! :D

Jennifer Jamison said...

I love listening to what a child hears when we talk... I said something about "the olden days" and later, Jacob said, "Well, you know Mom, like back in the ordinary days."

Jonathan & Rachel said...

Funny! Hopefully you took pics of their hair cuts!

The Manwarings said...

I love it!! High Trash. That is so funny. And what a great way to describe someone, not that I think you are, but it is pretty funny. I'm excited to see Halle's hair. There's nothing better than getting your haircut. I do have to be careful about what I say about mohawks and all, my friend cut her little 2 year olds into a total shaved mohawk about a month ago. He's lucky he's a really cute kid and could pull it off ok.

Jennifer P. said...

ha! ha! We're pretty high trash around here too--always the fanciest people at the Wal Mart :)!

Mama Williams said...

Ok where are the cute haircut photos. I think you should be brave and let her cut her hair short. I finally did with Kayla and Lizzy and Wow! Life is easier for all of us. (Plus we are very cute "trash".) :)

Elena said...

Dawnyel- She does do a good job. Glad she's in my family.

Fur- Funny, cause now days are "wild" not "ordinary".

Amber- Oh boy, I am not a fan of mohawks. Poor kid, glad he's cute.

Jennifer- That was too HILARIOUS!! What a perfect description.

Julie- I like it long enough to pull in a pony tail, otherwise it's too hard to take care of. So, it's really not that different from before, just a little shorter.