Thursday, February 21, 2008

Booger Bugs

This morning Halle told me that during the night her nose was kind of stuffy. And then she said, "And now, my nose is drooling boogers out. I hate this germ. He gets in your nose and makes boogers and snot come out all over the place." Doesn't she just have a way with words to create quite the visual? What would I ever do without her?


Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Hey, I read you comment about my lanturns. We didn't get them to create an asian feel in there, just liked the light they give off and that they hang fro the ceiling, leaving side tables free of lamp stands. We got them at IKEA and they were pretty inexpensive. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yes, what would we do without her?

Miki said...

Hey!!! It's weird to see Brynne commenting on your blog!! Now, of course, I HAVE to go read the comment you left for her!!

Anyway, that little Halle, she's going to be in the drama club or something when she gets older! She'll have us all in stitches from laughing or she'll have us all captivated by the way she expresses things (I sincerely mean these things in a good way, not making fun). It's really fun to "see" how kids think.

Deanna said...

I know EXACTLY how she feels! That 'booger monster' has been at our house, too! :) He's been busy this year, hasn't he?!?!

Elena said...

Brynne- Thanks for the info And thanks for telling me where you got them from, I had forgotten to ask that. I think they are so fun, can't wait to get some!

Miki- Yes she's VERY expressive in her interpretations! :)

Deanna- I am ready for him to go away!!!

Emily said...

Kids are so good at telling it like it is!