Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray, it's Valentine's Day!

You guessed it! My camera is here!!! HOORAY! So I got to take a picture of the traditional heart pizza for V-day (and my adorable family).

Unfortunately my camera arrived one day after we left for our snowmobiling adventure, so I am hoping to bum some pictures off my inlaws to post. We had a nice relaxing time with only one major mishap this year. (Last year it was the constant breakdowns of snow machines, the year before it was my brother-in-law jumping in the river and getting lost; he's fine btw.) This year, we lost the front half of one of the cabins due to snow.

Actually, the enitre porch came down under the weight of the snow and honestly could have killed someone if they had been near it when it happened. (I'll get pictures to show you.) Thankfully, no one was around and no one was hurt! But we did have to move to a different cabin. More on this adventure later.

Oh and my sweetheart got me a day at the spa package for Valentine's this year. I have wanted one of these my whole life! Way to go honey!! (Is he not the best?!)


Deanna said...

Can't wait to hear about the trip - to the cabin and the spa...Sounds great!!!

The pizza lookes so yummy!

Miki said...

HEY!!! Are you back?? I guess I thought you would be gone through the weekend too. Oh, it's kind of sad because I'm leaving tomorrow! This unexpected opportunity to talk will have to wait (unless you can sneak in a phone call tomorrow morning in between school and everything else!). Was that a HUGE hint or what?!

I know you'll call:).

But, just so you know, I will be super duper busy trying to get everything ready for our weekend, and you know how I am. I'm not like you who can seemingly handle talking on the phone and doing 20 million other things without skipping a beat. So I really won't be able to talk (unless you remind me to keep packing every 2 seconds, and who wants that job!).

Anyway, glad nobody was under the little roof thingy when it collapsed. Sorry about the cabin too (also glad everyone is okay). That is a sort of major event. Was it from all of the snow (I think you said it was).

Also, HOORAY for new cameras!! I have a story to tell you about heart shaped pizzas. Will the stories never end?? lol. Oh, I could type and type, but I will just have to wait!

btw, thanks for the fun comments on my blog. So fun:)

Jennifer P. said...

Yay! You're back! What an insane trip it sounds like you had! Glad no one was hurt.

Love the pizza--everyone looks so happy with it :)! Glad you got your camera. Do you want to take ME to the spa with you?!?! :)

Anonymous said...

This is for Miki. Thank you for the Happy Anniversary. I want you to know that I appreciated you coming and saying hi to me when I was babysitting at Elena's. And, I think you should let me in on your blog. Ha!

lee ann said...

Glad you had fun and more importantly that you're all alive! Scary! Love the heart pizza. I thought that was something new...didn't know it was an annual thing.

What a great family!

Elise said...

HOORAY!!!!! A new camera-- and SUCH a cute family to photograph! Who could ask for more. What? You got a spa package, too... okay, now I'm jealous!

Elise said...

Hey, your blog looks GREAT! Did you start digi scrapping?! YAY!

becky ward said...

So fun to see new pictures! TOo bad the camera showed up a day after you left for the cabin.

And, yes, Jarom is the greatest!