Thursday, February 28, 2008

Carter Funnies

Yesterday I was putting some Chloreseptic on a canker (NOT cancer) that Kate has inside her lip. Carter saw me and said, "Oh, that's ouchy lip sauce stuff. I don't want any of that lip sauce."

And then, yesterday he came down with a fever. He was laying on the bed and told me his head was hurting. So I said, "Oh shoot, you have an ouchy head?" And he said, "Yes, my head's got a sunburn." So I asked him if he was okay and he said, "No, everything hurts!" It was so sad and pathetic. He seems to be feeling better today though thank goodness!


Miki said...

So funny how kids put things. Ryan said this morning at breakfast, "when I was in my bed, my eyes just stayed open and open. I got up and got a drink, then I got a drink again. My eyes just wouldn't shut."

So cute. He had napped a lot yesterday.

Jonathan & Rachel said...

That is so funny-I hate it when my kids have fevers-they are the worst!!

Cancer on Kate's lip??? Am I totally unfamiliar with some type of saying or does she infact have cancer on her lip???

Jonathan & Rachel said...

Ok, I just read it again and I think it is a canker??? I'm hoping!!

Elena said...

HA!!!! Yes!!! Canker! I'll change that right away. Thanks for calling my attention to my stupid spelling error. LOL!

The Manwarings said...

Carter's too cute. It seems like your kids always get sick when Jarom leaves town. He must be able to sense when they're coming down with something and head out.