Sunday, February 10, 2008

"I'm Gonna Be Honest"

Have you ever seen that game show on Fox (I think) called "To Tell the Truth"? Well, my kids watched it with me a week or so ago. One of the ladies on the show was asked if she felt that her mother was over wieght; it was a no brainer the mother was a little more than pleasently plump. Today Halle just walked in and said, "I really want to be a mom. And I'm gonna be honest and say that you're kind of fat mom." Then in the same breath, "Now I kinda feel bad cause I was being so honest." LOL!! Thanks for the honesty little, sweet, kind, pleasant,sensitive, booger child of mine.


Natalie and Quin said...


Emily said...

Kids are sooooooo unkind sometimes. My Josh told me that I have hairy arms like a gorilla and that I smell like an old lady. Thanks hon, I love you too.

Miki said...

LOL!!! OOOH myyy. That's soo funny. Poor Elena. We mom's all know we're "pleasant". Remind me to tell you what Megan said to me just today. It was fun, and it's inappropriate here because it was actually a really nice thing to say. Oh whatever, I'll just say it.

I have to give a little background. Ryan was watching a looney toones DVD. Elmer Fudd was chasing the "wascly wabbit" when Bugs turned into a beautiful woman. They danced and sang, and said, "I wuv you".

Ryan asked, "Mommy, what is love?" I paused and said, "what do you think love is?" Megan said, "it's when you turn into a beautiful woman and they love you." I said, "you turn beautiful?" She said, "Yes mommy, just like you."

Awwww. I remembered when I was young, and I told my mother she was beautiful one day, and she said, "no I'm not!". I remember being puzzled because I really thought she was beautiful (I still remember that day, she was beautiful all dressed up for something!). So in this moment, with my daughter, I said, "Thank you Megan. One day, you will grow up and be a beautiful woman too." (not to say that she's not already beautiful).

Anyway, I don't have any thoughts coming to mind about those comments our kids make to us although I've had a ton. I'm sort of beaming today.

Sorry this is a book! See, I just should have told you over the phone!

Elise said...

Oh my gosh, that girl is hilarious! That is so funny!! You are a good mom-- at least she feels like she can be honest with you, right?!

Just for the record, I think you look great!

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Jennifer P. said...

My kids often ask why I get those red things on my face. Yes I'm 32 and still have break outs from time to time--thanks for making me re-live jr. high trauma there boys!

Just for the record I think you look great :)!

Deanna said...

I tagged you. We did no naps yesterday (Sunday) and he still didn't go down until nine - and then woke up at 5:30.'s going to take all i've got to get this down!

Anonymous said...

Emily- The things we poor dark haired brunettes are subjected too.

Miki- That was very sweet of little Megan. And good answer on your part. I think mom's attitudes play a BIG part in their kids' self esteem.

Elise- Yes, I guess that's the bright side eh?

Mom- WHOA! Look at you using internet lingo!

Jennifer- My kids like to watch me pop my zits and ask "do I have any?" b/c they want to pop their own. All in due time, kiddos.

Deanna- That's still 8 hours of sleep, keep him napless (or maybe a short one)today and he'll be more ready for bed tonight. Good luck! Hang in there.

Lee Ann said...

Aahhhh the honesty. Why do we teach them to be honest? Anna loves my squishy tummy and like to see how far she can get her finger to sink into my belly button. Oh the joy!

becky ward said...

Oh Halle! I would be in tears (surprised?).

And, did Janet say "rolling on floor laugh out loud"? Or does that mean something else. Impressive!