Saturday, February 23, 2008

Signs of Spring

Here in my city, we don't look for budding crocuses and yellow daffodils to tell us spring is on the way.

Rather we watch for:
Our yards, slowly reclaiming themselves from the foot of snow still on top.

Bits and pieces of the road shining through!

Melty dirty piles of plowed snow banks are EVERYWHERE this time of year. (I honestly didn't know that spring could be colorful until I moved to Boise.)

Something yellow has bloomed in my yard!! My fire-hydrant is back!

And of course dirty cute kids longing for summer dress weather can be found too.

Oh this sunny weather is TEASING me!!! Bring on Spring, (please!).


Anonymous said...

And boots on the wrong feet! lol

Miki said...

I LOVE these pictures. These are my favorite kind! I'm not just saying that either. I love to watch the changing weather, I love to see the dirty snow, and it's nice to see the streets peeking their way through. I don't know why, but this post was VERY fun for me. I hope you do it again next year!

I think this, and your movie review post, are now two of my favorite (what? not the drop dead laughing ones, which, I've done MANY times).

NO! I DON'T know why! You may call me (no, not before the dots, but only after).

Sigh, some jokes just don't work.

becky ward said...

Such a beautiful yellow!

Jonathan & Rachel said...

Oh, you're not making me miss it! I'm glad there was sun-hopefully things will melt quickly!

The CEO said...

Cute pictures. Our snow had all melted and it was 50+ degrees...until yesterday. Now, we have 3-4 inches of new snow. Crappy (as Brent would say). Miss you.

Emily said...

Don't be mad... it's supposed to be 82 degrees here tomorrow.

Elena said...

Mom- Yes, wrong feet and shirt backwards too.

Miki- Glad you liked them. I think they are fun too.

Becky- It was a pretty yellow against the white snow wasn't it?

Rachel- I'm sure you're not. Live up that sun, although I won't be jealous of you when the summer heat hits.

Shanna- I feel your pain. We woke up to more snow this morning too.

Emily- 82!!! Good grief that's sprinkler weather around here!! Can't wait to see what you do with the warmth.