Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bye Dad

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Today Jarom left for Boise, where he'll be for a month. It's a long time, but at least he's in the same country (and time zone) as us this time around. And he's close enough that we can visit on the weekends, which is what we plan to do. I thought it would be fun to try to get family picture before he left, but I think we had better luck with the nutty photo. See you Friday Hon, we miss you already! (May the force be with me.)

P.S. HOORAY!!!!! Spell check is back!!


Anonymous said...

So sad. Call if you need anything. Here's to a fast month. Anna

Brandon and Emily said...

I will be praying for you Elena! I am sure your kids will do great. But just call us if you need anything! Good Luck. We will miss you Jarom.

Lee Ann said...

I think it's a good family picture.

Oh my goodness a month is a long time! I hate it when he's gone for two days. Do your kids travel well?

Hooray for spell check!

Jonathan & Rachel said...

Oh, I feel for you!! Jonathan left for a month once-it's miserable, but somehow you just buck-up and do it!! I'll be thinking of you a ton-good luck and so glad you will get to see him on the weekends!!! The pictures are darling.

becky ward said...

Love the crazy picture! How fun!

I certainly don't envy you! I freak out when Kevin is gone over night. You are WOMAN!

Emily said...

OH.... a whole month. I feel your pain. Stock up on chocolate and babysitters numbers!

Elena said...

Anna & Emily- Thanks for the offers. Your numbers are on auto dial. :)

Lee Ann- Yes, thankfully they travel pretty well. Praise the person who invented the car t.v.

Rachel- So true, you just buck up and do what you have to do. We've done a month before and then he was on the other side of the world, so this seems like cake.

Becky- See you daily! Hope I don't talk your ear off with adult talk.

Emily- Chocolate for sure!! Luckily I have lots of family near by to help out. And sweet babysitters just around the corner.

Miki said...

Hello!! I'm missing everything!! You posted this YESTERDAY!!

Where in the heck was I? Oh yeah, doing a TON of birthday things!!

I'm honestly SAD for you. "It has begun." What movie is that from? Probably a lot of them. Anyway, I'm trying to do a post FOR YOU right now on my blog.

My battery on my camera died. The internet went down just as I was going to post it the first time (and I had accidentally deleted all of my pictures a moment before). Tonights blog was NOT meant to be.....but I want you to know I thought of you!!

I'm going to see if you're online!! Glad and sad this month long endeavor has begun. Glad to get it over with, sad it has begun...

Hang in there.

Elise said...

Oh, you are such a brave woman!! Come to Logan to play if you want/need to... my door is open!

I love the family pictures-- you guys are so gorgeous!!

Elise said...

Gorgeous except for Jarom's shirt.

Elena said...

OH Elise, you are just jealous!