Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol

Yes, it's true I do LOVE American Idol. (My friend Dayne says its the choir nerd coming out in me. He's probably right.) I thought it would be fun to put my top 3 picks of guys and girls and see if any become the winner. So here are my top 3 guys.

Love this kid! He's just so cute. I was saying that last night and my girls said, "Do you have a crush on him?" I told them that I only had a crush on Daddy, but if I was 13 again, I'd probably hang this kid's picture on my wall. I love everything about him. His raspy voice, personality, cute little face, perfomance skills, I just think he's great. Plus he's from nearby UT, so that's a bonus.

This guy has a great voice and I think he looks really professional while performing. He's naturally fun to watch. Plus that Australian accent isn't bad to listen to either!

I can't decide if this dude is cute or creepy, but I do enjoy accoustic guitar and he did a nice performance with his. His voice was very nice, so as of last night, he's in my top three. We'll have to see how he does as time goes on.

So what do you all think? If you watch American Idol (and I SO know I am not alone) post your top 3 picks and lets see if we get it right. (YES, this is a tag to all American Idol watchers, let me know if you do it so I can hear your opinion.) Can't wait to hear the girls tonight.


Jennifer P. said...

I'm still pouting about Blake Lewis losing last year. I thought he was one talented cutie-patootie. I missed the guys last night, but will for sure watch the ladies tonight and get a re-cap. And I think I'm voting a little more on the creepy side for dreadlock dude. I wonder if anyone has told him he is NOT Jamaican!

Jennifer Jamison said...

My vote is for Mr. David Archuleta, too. He looks and sounds like a sweetie. I bet he's going to get lots of pre-teen girl fan mail! :)

Miki said...

Michael Johns is my favorite so far....except, I'm waiting for his ego to appear. I'm suspicious. I think he thinks he's WONDERFUL, and he's just playing the humble singer as of yet. I like him, BUT I can see it coming where I might not like him soon (I don't think his voice can match his ego).

Anyway, it's funny how you like the same two guys I do (I like the messy-hair-not-so-sure-if-he's-cute-or-creepy-yet guy, and Michael). Do you think I used the hyphen correctly?


Miki said...

btw, I forgot to say I don't remember your first pick, but my watching of American Idol is hit and miss for sure, so I don't know if I can consider myself a true contendor for the vote since I haven't REALLY been watching the candidates!

I will play along anyway and hope for the best. Let's go Michael and dread lock guy (how do you spell dread locks again?)

Anonymous said...

They keep changing the choices for commenters. Anyway, I think the guy with the dreadlocks would be very handsome if he cut his hair.

Elena's mom

becky ward said...

I am so doing this tag!

Elena said...

Jennifer- For SURE Blake was a cutie-patootie. I loved him! But I really liked Jordyn too so I was okay with the win.

Fur- Go David Archuleta!

Miki- Great use of the hyphen. We'll have to wait and see the personalities that appear.

Mom- I can't decide if it's his hair that makes him a bit feminine or if it's really just his looks.

Becky- Can't wait to see your choices!

Emily said...

The guy with the dreads is so freaky. I love the aussie guy. I never remember names though, so till the end it's nicknames. Blake Lewis was always the beat box guy...

The tortillas look yum!

Mama Williams said...

OH Elena! I'll be a choir nerd with you again or is that still? I am loving American Idol. I agree with your predictions for the guys. Thanks for saving me a post, I'll just ditto what you said.

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Hey, I'm a watcher and agree for sure with your first 2 guys. I'm not sure about the dread-head kid. that was the first time listening to him so I'll have to watch him more closely. but I do love the other 2. My girl picks are the black chick with the BIG hair adn HUGE smile, and......well, I can't remember who the others are so that says alot if this girl stands out to me. Anyway, enjoy!

Lee Ann said...

One of the few shows I watch. I think right now I'm pulling for little David.

Elena said...

Emily- Nicknames are great! I think Brynne's comment about "dread-head" will be my new nickname for the non-Jamaican.

Julie- Yeah, ALWAYS choir nerds aren't we?

Brynne- "Dread-head", SO funny. Yeah, the girls weren't very good.

Lee Ann- It shocks me that you watch this for some reason. Go little David!

Elise said...

Okay, so I was totally going to boycott AI again this year because I am still irked about Sanjaya, but Chris made me watch. David Archuleta is the CUTEST THING EVER! You can't help but like him.

I actually hated every other guy for one reason or another... but some of that may be attributed to the Sanjaya chip on my shoulder.

Also, I was wondering: out of the mazillions of people who try out for AI, THIS is the best they could come up with? REALLY?