Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What's up?

After last weeks episodes, I just haven't known what to post. I mean, really, how do you top chipped teeth? How about a big fat, "We'll have to wait until the tooth dies and then put a crown on it to fix it?" That just might top it..... SIGH.....Yes, that is the report I have heard from Alyssa. Bailey's tooth is going to die and then they'll crown it. I still have yet to talk to her mom in person. I am REALLY praying that two little 9 year old girls don't know what they are talking about. Guess I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

Other than being sick over teeth (or lack there of) we've pretty much just been busy running around. My poor Christmas tree has been sitting in the living room waiting to be decorated since Sunday. Hopefully tonight will be the night. If so, I'll post a picture.

On a positive note, we got the final inspection on the basement done today. We're A-okay to move in. I am hoping to get the girls beds down there tonight and they will have their first official night in their new rooms!!!


Jonathan & Rachel said...

OH I dread conversations like that with other parents!! I'm just not very good at things like that. Austin bit our friends little baby the other day and I was mortified!! Seriously what do you say??? Hopefully everything will work out just fine. Keep us posted!

Jennifer P. said...

All little girls love crowns, right? (Preferably on their heads, but....). Hope all goes well.

Glad you're feeling alright!
Brad was in town and tried to get ahold of you guys with no luck. That's when I started to wonder if you weren't all stricken with strep or something (that's a yearly occurence, isn't it?).

Elise said...

UGH!!! I feel so bad for you! I'm excited to see pics of your tree though!! :)

Lee Ann said...

My advice, get the conversation overwith so you can go on. I hate things like that hanging over my head.

Hope you get the tree decorated and the beds moved. That sounds like a lot for one evening :)

The Manwarings said...

CROWNS!!! Yikes!! That's going to be a fun one. Let us know if we need to have a Bailey's teeth fundraiser. Maybe we could put little buckets in the grocery store.