Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Christmas clothes.

Trying to get some more family pictures. It is my New Year's resolution to get more, even if they are imperfect. (Which the following ARE.) Testing the camera, the glare from the window was too bad so we ended up moving.

Cute full shot of the girls new dresses.

Fun one of the kids.

So we either get Kate not looking or Carter being a goof. Oh-well, at least we took the pictures.


Mama Williams said...

Where did you get those darling dresses? Perfect or not it's great to have photos-besides, we always remember them being goofy and such. You're all darling! Can't wait to see you.

Jennifer P. said...

love,love,love the brown! A girl in my Sunday school class had a brown Christmas dress on and I wanted one in my size! You guys all look great! Nice to see Jarom every now and then :)! I liked the one with Johnny in it too!

Anonymous said...

Julie- The skirts were from Target and I've found the shirts at various places. You'd be surprised at how hard it is to find plain cream shirts/sweaters.

Jennifer- Alyssa SO badly wanted Johnny to be in the pictures, but he just wouldn't sit and cooperate, plus Jarom wasn't keen on the idea. Poor little Johnny.

becky ward said...

Everyone looks so good! Not bad for your first sitting.

Elise said...

Actually, the bottom picture is perfect-- even with Carter being silly. You really have such a gorgeous family!! I love that we'll get to see more pictures of all of you!

The brown is SO GORGEOUS!! I want one of those skirts for me!

Jonathan & Rachel said...

Well they are all cute! What a beautiful family! I love going to church when we are all matching! I love the last picture of all of you!