Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Smith Nativity

Last night was my family's Nativity production. We were all participants. There is just something about donning a towel on your head and wearing a robe that totally feels like Christmas. We traveled from room to room reenacting the Nativity story and it turned out really cute. (We'll have to do this again next year when hopefully Quin and Natalie can be with us.)
Alyssa as Mary.

Carter as Joseph (or a Jedi Knight, which ever you prefer).

Halle as an Angel.

Kate as one of the littlest angels.

A wise guy and an angel.

Mom the main angel/narrator.

Liberty as a shepherd girl.

Kayson as Caesar. (He could double for the Little Caesar's pizza guy too.)

Dad in his towel and robe.

Mimi the gorgeous towns person.

The Inn Keeper (recorder) with his news station sized video camera.

The whole crew at the stable. (Which my dad built in about 45 minutes. That's my dad, ever the handy man.)


Jennifer P. said...

Why do I get the feeling that that's what your dad wears around the house all the time? ha ha

Wow! You guys are just full of the fun family Christmas traditions. I can see why you wanted to move back and be a part of it all. How wonderful for your kids to have such a network of support and tradition to lean on. Looks like a lot of fun!

becky ward said...

Awesome stable! How fun...a progressive nativity! (:

Elise said...

What a great tradition! You all look so... BC? (as in time)... ha ha ha... anyway, you look great!

Jonathan & Rachel said...

What a fun thing! Does your dad take orders on the manger-and will he ship :)! Everyone looks great!! We are going to attempt to do our own this year-it will have to be very simple!