Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our Christmas Holiday

We've had such a fun holiday week the last few days. I have so much to blog about, so I thought I'd do it in stages. First up our visit to Salt Lake City. We enjoyed seeing the lights on temple square, swimming with all the cousins in the hotel, and visiting friends and more cousins.

Kate all bundled up, ready to go.

Of course, like the crazy woman I am, made it all the way to SLC without Carter's coat. (I also forgot shirts for Kate, pj's for Kate and deodorant for me. I think my brain is somewhere, just don't know where.) So we had to buy a new one for him. I just thought this was a cute shot of him and Jarom together.

Enjoying the lights on Temple Square.

On Saturday I had some time to kill so Kevin, Becky, and I took the kids to the aquarium in South Salt Lake. It's really small, but has some cool things and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves. Here we are watching the octopus put on a show for us. It was really neat.

Trying to "pet" the rays. The water was just a little too deep, but every once in a while one would pop up near the surface.

We also thought we'd take the kids to see Santa at the mall, but I have NEVER seen so many people in a mall at one time in my life! The line to see Santa was at least an hour wait. (Not worth it!) So we just cruised around a little and tried to pile as many kids into one stroller as we could so that we didn't lose anyone. Thankfully it worked.

After this we went our separate ways, and I went on to see my good friend Julie (dumb me didn't take any pictures) and then down to Orem to visit my cousin Larissa and her girls.

Halle and Madelynn playing doctor. These kids had a blast together. It's so nice to be able to get them all together once in a blue moon.

Carter, Aurianna, and Alyssa playing "Don't Eat Pete!" I think these kids ate 20 packs of smarties. And of course, we couldn't NOT have a little trauma. I heard a CRASH and then Kate start sobbing and Aurianna bawling so I ran upstairs to see what on earth had happened. When I got upstairs I saw Kate naked, her hair dripping wet and covered in fish food. Aurianna was practically on her knees she was crying so hard and in the corner, the fish tank lying on the floor with fish, rocks and water EVERYWHERE!! Kate had climbed up on the dresser and pulled the tank down on top of herself. (Thankfully it was only a small one.) Poor little Aurianna was in hysterics thinking her fish were dead. Luckily they weren't and we saved them, but I don't know that I can say the same thing about the fish tank. Arggggghhhh.....my precious little Kate. Anyway, they all ended up in the tub after that little incident.

Aside from the fish disaster and a monster migrane on the drive home, I really enjoyed myself. Thanks to Larissa for housing us and it was great to see Julie too.


Jennifer P. said...

Oh where to start with the comments on this one? First picture of Kate looks like the little brother from a Christmas Story--"I can't put my arms down!". I'm also impressed you could find a coat for Carter in December--it's almost all shorts and swimming suits here now!!! The lights were gorgeous and a great family shot too! Where are Kate's shoes in the mall photo? And were you CRAZY to go to the mall so close to Christmas:)?! Finally, poor little Kate! Glad she didn't injure herself too badly! Poor fish too!

Can't wait to hear about Christmas day!!!

Elena said...

Kate's shoes are in the bottom of the stroller. She had a hangnail on her toe so she kept kicking her shoes off. It was just easier to keep them off until we had to go back outside. I also thought the same thing about her in the coat. And, I had to go to Burlington to find a coat for Carter and I didn't even get a very good deal on it. It was such a bummer since I bought him a brand new one already this year. :(

Mama Williams said...

So fun to see all the snowman, presents, and fun at the Manwaring home. It was fantastic to see you all. Yes, I too forgot to take any pixs until you were out the door. Ah well, next time.

becky ward said...

Oh the drama! Kate certainly keeps things exciting!