Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve

We had a full packed Christmas Eve, complete with shopping amongst the insane crowds for a few last minute items. We enjoyed cookie baking, snowman making, a yummy ham dinner, and opening a few presents.

I am still VERY new to this Picasa collage stuff, so sorry that some of the above pictures got repeated. On Christmas Eve we opened our ornaments. Kate got a little marshmallow smore princess just because it reminded us of her (a cute little chubby thing all dressed up). Carter got a soccer playing snowman because he took his first soccer class this past fall. Halle got a cute little mouse sleeping in a crayon box because she's our little artist. Alyssa got an Asian house and little girl because she has a new pen pal from Singapore. Jarom got a school house because he finally graduated from college and I got a Santa, just because he was cute.

We also opened our pajamas from Grandma and our gifts to each other. After the present opening we jumped in the car to look at Christmas lights. Then it was off to bed for the little ones, and surprisingly they went rather well and quickly.


Jennifer P. said...

(I think I am commenting on these as fast as you get them up!). Love the photo collage! Great job! I think the ornaments fit each person perfectly. (and I didn't realize Jarom had graduated--congratulations!!!!!).

Elena said...

Yes, Jarom graduated, but I haven't blogged it yet because we are waiting for his diploma to come (which is a big ol' story itself, I'll save it for the day we actually see the diploma.)

becky ward said...

Their pajamas all look so cute. I always wanted robes and slippers when I was little. How fun!