Saturday, December 01, 2007

Trauma House

Yesterday, I was so excited about the yarn ball Christmas ornaments, that I left my 9 year old and her best friend, Bailey, in charge of the kids while I quickly ran to the store to get items to do the craft. While in the middle of the store I got a phone call from Alyssa, with Bailey sobbing in the background, saying that Carter had hit a glass while Bailey was trying to drink and hurt Bailey's mouth. I asked if there was blood, there wasn't, so I figured they'd be okay unitl I got home. I hurried to checkout, (missing half the craft supplies), but by the time I got home, Bailey's dad had come to get her. Apparently not only did Carter bump Bailey's mouth, he chipped her two front permanent teeth. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die!! I still have not seen the teeth, but I have talked to her mom and she says they will need work done to them. We are now singing, "All we get for Christmas is Bailey's two front teeth." SO SAD!!!!!

Then after that trauma, I started to get a headache. It just wouldn't go away no matter what I took. (I get these fairly often and I usually throw-up.) Well, I was at Jarom's folks house and decided I better try to drive home. Sure enough on the way home, I had to pull over and puke. Tip of the day: Whenever you travel on a plane, steal the barf bags and keep them in your vehicle! They come in very handy. I am feeling much better this morning.

And finally, one of the gingerbread houses met it's demise this morning. And sadly, I can blame it on no one but myself. I was trying to slide it farther back on the piano and it went over the edge.

Trauma, trauma, trauma!!!


Unknown said...

Good grief! What a bummer! I hope Bailey's family already took their family photos for Christmas! :)

We've been busy, visiting the local ER again, due to a new medication reaction in Jacob... :(

Fa la la la la la la la la....
Merry Christmas!!

Jennifer P. said...

How can I not help but feel completely responsible for all this trauma?! Me and my darn yarn balls!!!!!

Good news--having been the recipient of chip fillings before, they are way less expensive than cavity fillings!

Finally, I get throw-up headaches too. Tylenol Migraine (and some dark,cool, quiet place)is the only thing that helps me. Have you tried it?

Hope things get better around your place tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Tylenol doesn't seem to touch my headaches, but Excedrin does if I get to it soon enough. But this one was just a whopper that ended ugly.

Lee Ann said...

Wow! that's all a huge bummer. What a day. I hope today is better.

Jonathan & Rachel said...

OH so sad! I feel so bad about the teeth-that is so aweful! Poor little girl, these boys have no mercy. And about the headaches-I feel for you!! I've gotten a few whoppers and then since being pregnant had quite a few more. One time the whole left side of my face and body went completely numb and I could hardly see-we ended up in the ER for a catscan and everything. Turns out it's completely normal for people who suffer headaches-BEWARE!! Glad you are feeling better and hope you don't get another until at least after the holidays are over!

Jennifer P. said...

Hello? I hope you're ok and just trying to finish the basement or something--not sick or in trouble or abducted by aliens!

Elise said...

Oh my gosh, you poor thing! That is CRAZY about Bailey's teeth... it kind of makes me shudder just thinking about it! I hope everything turns out okay.