Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa Came!!!

When the kids came down and saw the breakfast Santa had left on the table, they were completely satisfied with that. They didn't even bother asking to go downstairs to see the toys. It was so funny, they just ran to the table and started opening juice boxes and some candy.

Carter got some tools. He's been so into helping Daddy build the basement and he's had a lot of fun with this toolbench. Aren't those goggles classic?

All the kids in their new robes and slippers. Yet another classic Christmas gift.

Don't mind my rotten little 2 year old in this video. She was upset that Halle had helped open the present. She wanted to do it herself. We have had MORE fun with this stupid thing than we probably should be having. Jarom and I can't get enough of Guitar Hero. It's just a blast!

Kate and her pretty baby. Santa could NOT pass this dolly up. It reminded him so much of little Kate. I hope Kate loves it as much a I do.

The giant aftermath aka Christmas tornado. It takes WEEKS to prepare for and only minutes to end up like this, but ahhhhh, it's SO much fun!


Jennifer P. said...

okay--my kids have watched the video about 75 times now! They L-O-V-E-D hearing their names!!! Glad you guys got a wii! Totally worth all the money! I don't play much anymore since my kids can beat me (and everyone else!) with their eyes closed! Guitar hero looks fun though. We almost got it but were worried about the T rating. Let us know how it is!

Glad you had such a fun Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Guitar Hero- SO much fun. I think the T would be because it's heavy metal (mostly from the 90's which was totally Jarom's music so it doesn't offend us) and the guys on the "cartoon" are pretty tatoo filled. But so far that is all I can see why it would be rated that way.

becky ward said...

They all got some extra fun things! I wanted to see a picture of Halle's baby.

Elise said...

Kate's baby is gorgeous! I can see why you love her. But really, Elena, you need to let Kate play with her once in a while. :) Just kidding, right?

Santa is awesome at your house-- I am totally considering doing the cereal thing. Such a fun idea!