Thursday, January 08, 2015

September 2013

September means Eastern Idaho State Fair.  This year my mom's friend entered a drawing that she did of Kate.  Kate was pretty excited to see herself at the fair.

Back to school time!  I have 4 kids in 3 1/2 schools this year.  My life is crazy.  Kate and Carter both attend the elementary school, Halle is now in the middleschool, and Alyssa goes to two highschools, one for her core classes and one for orchestra. I can't believe how grown up they are all getting!

The kids' reports of their first days: Alyssa : It was so cool; I wasn't the only kid giving answers and discussing! Halle: I hated it; it was just work, work, work, eat, work, work work. Carter: Epic! Kate: Fine, but we got lectured b/c the boys just started screaming and being wild in the boy's bathroom. LOL! So there you have it.

She thought her nerves got the best of her last night, but this girl made Youth Symphony. Proud of her and her many talents!

It's game season!  Go BYU Football!

Just biffed it big time down the stairs and whammed into the picture of Christ on my little landing. Alyssa  just laughed her head off at her clumsy mother and Carter replied, "The sounds of Sunday." LOL!  (Little did I know that that stupid fall would lead to 2 years of back pain and stomach pain.  Lots of money for testing and in the end, just plain old annoying pain. The joys of growing old.)

So we thought it was just going to be an easy ortho checkup, but Carter's mouth had a different idea. The roof of his mouth had actually grown all the way over his wire. They had to numb him up, slice his pallet, and pry the wire out. Not so fun. Poor kid. He has the most incredibly wild mouth of anyone I know.

Someone got a haircut! She looks like a different dog!

Sunday nap. Silly dog always sleeps half out of her bed.

Noticed a scratch on my side of the headboard tonight. Upon closer inspection I found it says "my mom" in perfect 7 year old graffiti script. I know I should be a little upset that my beautiful wood is ruined, but honestly it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy inside. The headboard is just "stuff", that little etch is a forever acknowledgement that someone loves her mom.

Happy Birthday to the man I love! #38 Honey, we are getting old!