Thursday, January 08, 2015

A Little Bit From August

 Our neighbor is teaching the girls how to quilt/sew then donating the quilts to the humanitarian effort. Here's Halle's 1st ever finished quilt top.
 We hope these make someone very happy somewhere in the world. ‪#‎quilting‬

Kate wanted to learn too.  I let her sew lines on paper without any thread in the machine.  Just how I learned when I was a little girl.

 Little bit of heartache tonight saying goodbye to the Englemans. They have become family to us. Gonna miss these kiddos (and mom & dad) so much! Here's to a new chapter in their lives. We love you guys!

Alyssa and Mocha.  I have to admit, I have become quite attached to this gentle horse.  We are leasing her for Alyssa to ride and it has been so much fun.

August nights bring Chukar baseball.  It was a beautiful evening for a game, too bad the score wasn't so pretty.  

 Nope.....not ready for more freedom. And yep, that little white blur is Vivvi. She had a ball while we 
watched ball.  Party in the food bag!  (Back to the pen for Vivvi.)

Someone needs a hair cut! #shaggydog

We decided to wrap up summer with a trip to Lagoon.  Love the rattley old wooden coaster. I don't know why I don't have more pictures of our fun, but we had a great time.