Thursday, January 08, 2015

October 2013

If you've ever wondered what 1000 pieces of spaghetti formed into a lincoln log style cabin look like, this is it. Holy 10 hours of 4th grade homework Batman!

Ahhhh...nothing like the sweet sounds of chainsaws and screaming to lull you to sleep. That's what happens when you sleep on a haunted campus. We went to Albion Idaho for our Manwaring Family Reunion this year.  It was TONS of fun!
Getting our spook on in Albion.

BYU Football with my best friend.  He is the truest fan you will ever meet.  What a beautiful October day.

Just a picture I love of my mom and dad from a little day trip they took to Yellowstone.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful 15 year old!!!!

And what is October without Halloween?! The girls and Vivvi were Cave Women this year. I thought it turned out super cute.

 This picture of Kate pretty much sums her up. LOL!

 Carter was a creepy guy named Slenderman.  I don't even really know who or what that is, and I have no idea on earth how he knows about it, but he was happy with his costume, so that's what's important.

And the little Cave Troll Vivvi.  :)