Thursday, January 08, 2015

And Finally December of 2013

December brings Christmas party fun! Jarom went as Uncle Eddy and I couldn't stop laughing at him in his dickie and white shoes.
Someone gave this as their white elephant gift at a party. I don't think I have ever laughed harder! You should have seen his face when it got opened; was just as much a shock to him as it was to the receiver. Hysterical! I had to steal it twice to end up with it. So funny.

My holiday stress reliever driving kit...bubblewrapped steering wheel. You'd be surprised at how relaxing it really is. ‪#‎ilovebubblewrap‬

Maybe you are the lucky recipient of this present wrapped with love, just not with enough wrapping paper. ‪#‎runningoutofpaper‬ Think a big bow will cover it? Hahaha!

I mean seriously, can the trees be anymore beautiful?! The frost is amazing lately!

Anxiously waiting to bust through the wrapping to see what Santa left. Love these kids!

Its been a lovely Christmas morning. Everyone has been super pleased with their gifts, but Carter's reactions to every present were just priceless. He was SO happy and excited about everything he got. LOVE the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child.

Learning to work his new Traeger.  I see some tasty goodness in our near future!

Yah....I got new knives for Christmas.  Ha!  I forget they're not dull like the old ones.

 An Island Christmas in Idaho.  Silly girls at Grammy's.

 Visiting chilly Temple Sqaure in Salt Lake.

Darling Macy's blessing.  Fun to see Salt Lake cousins too!

 My friend, Holly, has the COOLEST ice skating rink in her back yard.  We had so much fun skating around.  Seriously, is this not the most awesome home made rink you've ever seen?

Quiet as mice. #tablets.

And thus, wraps up 2013!