Thursday, January 08, 2015

November includes Kate's Baptism

Doing dishes to the sounds of "The Boxcar Children". One of my all time favorites ever! Kate seems to be a girl after my own heart. ‪#‎loveofreading‬

Its great to be 8! Right of passage to get the ears pierced. She was so excited until she felt the pain. Poor little girl, but these pictures crack me up!

Chicago bound. Dramamine take me away. BYU/Notre Dame Football here we come! Get ready for a slew of pictures from Chicago.  We had such a great trip with the Smiths and my cousin Larissa and Jon.
 "The Bean"

 103 floors up on the skydeck in the Willis (aka Sears) Tower!  Holy bananas that was high!  What a trip!

 On the beautiful Notre Dame campus.  And the Notre Dame fans were very friendly just like we were told they would be.

 Freezing in front of the Grotto.

 Getting ready to head in to the stadium.  Had to pose with Touchdown Jesus first!

 Okay, seriously...I'm from Idaho, I know cold.  But I have NEVER been so cold as I was at this game.  I do not know how the players could even stand catching the ball with their frozen fingers.  It was so cold that near the end of the game when timeouts were called, the crowd would boo.  We had our snowmobile gear on and we were still freezing to death.  It was a memory for sure!  But despite the negative temps, we had so much fun and I am so glad I got to go!

I have a new adorable niece!  Meet Macy Jean, Quin and Natalie's little number 2.  So fun, and I can't wait to squeeze her!

Halle had to come up with a large scale model of a bumblebee over Thanksgiving break.  I'm not going to lie, I wanted to say some choice words with this project.  Thanksgiving break is NOT the time to through a major project on a mama.  But we got it done, and I think it turned out really great!

For the first time ever, we got together with the Freidenberger side of the family for our Thanksgiving feast.  Here's Grampa and Grandma with all of their kids.

And all of their posteriety together too!

We had to throw in a funny one just for kicks.  We titled this one, "A Very Freidenberger Thanksgiving."  It was really nice to be able to spend time with side of the family.  It doesn't happen every day that's for sure!

And last but not least, Kate was baptized this month.  It was Thanksgiving weekend and Aunt Natalie's birthday to boot.  Made for a bit of a crazy ride, but everything turned out great and Kate was very happy.  She is such a pretty little girl and really enjoyed getting her hair done for her very special day.  My sister did my other girls' hair for their baptisms, but since she has moved far way I had to try my best and I think I did okay.  Kate felt like a princess and that is exactly how I wanted her to feel. I wanted her to recognize the importance and specialness (is that even a word?) of the day.

She was a little nervous and Jarom said she got the giggles a time or two during the talks before the baptism.  But when it was her turn, she walked in so very reverently and stood very still while Jarom said the prayer.  She forgot to plug her nose on her way into the water so she flailed around for a second, but Dad got her fully immersed and she didn't have to do it a second time. 

Kate knows that baptism is a symbol of taking Christ's name. She knows that she now belongs to His church and has covenanted with Him to obey His Gospel and love others as He would. 

I am very proud of her and love her very very much! I can not believe that all four of my babies are now baptized.  The time has FLOWN!  I don't like it much, but I think Time doesn't seem to care.  It just keeps on ticking and life keeps moving and moving.  So I try to enjoy all the little things and the big things as much as I can.  Kate's baptism is certainly one of those times!