Thursday, January 08, 2015

July 2013

July brought us cousins and birthdays and girls camp and even a new puppy!

This cute little puppy will soon be joining our family. We are taking votes on names. So far we have Monroe, Vivvi, Walnut, Stella, Yuki, and Lilo in the runnings. What's your favorite and/or other suggestions?

 They made their own float and even threw candy.

Welcome to the family Vivvi! This is that same little maltipoo that I mentioned last month. She was born May 6 and is such a good little girl. And best of all, no barking!

Kate reading a story to Vivvi to help her fall asleep.  Melted my heart.

 Oh that fluffy little bum just slays me!

I am seriously in  puppy love.

 We celebrated a few birthdays this month.  Grandma Ruby turned 90 this year.

 Liberty celebrated a birthday too.  Was fun to have the Texas cousins in town to celebrate with us!

Grandpa George also celebrated this month by turning 83!

Carter tried and tried to catch a fish in the pond at Grandpa's birthday, but no luck.

Girls camp also happened the end of July.  This was Halle's first year at Girl's camp.  Alyssa is an old pro by now. So glad they could go together and keep an eye on each other.  I get to go up for a couple days too since I am the Personal Progress Specialist.  I love girls camp!

I love this picture Halle's leader took of her. 

A little boy will turn ANYTHING into a gun. Even the dog. Who needs a toy gun when you have "Vivvi the lick gun"? Boys will be boys....poor Vivvi. (Seriously they were running through the house all armed with guns and Carter had Vivvi. Too funny!)