Thursday, January 08, 2015

March Brings Carter's Birthday and More

Happy 9th Birthday to this beautiful, happy son of mine!

1st place National History Debate local champions! State here they come! Way to go girls, all those hours and hours and late nights paid off.

I've had some dream doozies in my life, but running around town with Joe Biden and his two pet kangaroos, Klick and Klack, may just take the cake.  When I woke up and said it out loud to Jarom, I had a fit of uncontrollable belly laughing. Usually I can explain what prompted my dreams, but this was just so random and bizzare!

 And we can't leave out the annual Manwaring Island Park Cabin trip.

 Manwaring Web has a new downtown office. It is fantastic! Fun to see our name on the billboard.

Johnny is sick and getting sicker these days.  She'll love him to the bitter end.  Nothing like the love of a girl and her dog. She adores him and he adores her.

Elbow to the eye, roundhouse kick to the chin, knee slam to the kidney. No, not an MMA fight, just a night sleeping next to Carter. Ughhh. Thinking my bed is calling my name on this rainy morning.

 Straight from Heaven.  Little Isaac even had a smile for Aunt Lena.  Love a new baby!

Teaching Grammy how to use her new smart phone.  Hysterically frustrating. 

So happy the sun is shining for a squinty eyed Easter pic! Happy Easter everyone!