Thursday, January 08, 2015

June 2013

 Babysitting my parents dog.  Sadie isn't loving this nearly as much as Kate is.  Ha!  S

June 7, 2013 we celebrated 16 years.  We enjoyed a lovely little getaway in Park City, UT and even got brave and rode on the Olympic bobsled track.  It was a rush!

 Can you find the little boy under the pack?  Hope this hike ends well! #fathersdaycampout #worriedmama #excitedboys

A camping we will go! These two melt my heart.

 Seriously, I think baby goats are one of the cutest things on this planet, and little Twinkie may be the top of the list. ‪#‎adorable‬‪#‎marcisgoats‬

Honestly....these "kids" are so adorable!

There's a new driver in the house and I'm feeling demoted. Seriously, it's bizarre. Jarom had to be demoted to the back seat too.  Haha!

Halle's softball team, The Volcanoes after their first win!

Today Kate said she couldn't wait to be baptized (which will happen at the end of the year). Thinking it was a great teaching moment I asked her what it meant to get baptized. She told me it meant that her sins would be washed away and that she should act like Jesus. So I asked her how we act like Jesus. She (in ALL seriousness) answered, "no mooning anyone." And that folks, is your Sunday School lesson for the day. 

Starting the process of looking for a new puppy. (Yep, Jarom has begrudgingly given in and we love him for it!  )We are thinking maybe a maltese or shih tzu (crossed with poodle) but I don't have a lot of exposure to either breed. Anyone have opinions/knowledge about them? Which do you prefer and why?  (I got a lot of answers and opinions, and I even got a notice from a lady selling maltipoos.)

Boy Scout Encampment 2013 as seen from above in Jeremy Manwaring's plane.