Thursday, January 08, 2015

Highlights from February 2013

Halle and her cute Valentine's Day box.  Happy Valentine's Day!

We have a deal, I read her book out loud, she gives me a pedi!

 Kate and Ty Ty having an afternoon adventure in her car.

Added a new washer and dryer to the household!  Jarom snapped this picture of me and posted: Elena having a casual lunch with her new washer and dryer. I think she likes her purchase.

Registered Alyssa for highschool! Am I really so old as to be able to say: a) I am registering my kid for HIGHSCHOOL and b) Boy, highschool has changed since I was there?! Seriously, it was like a college course catalog and all done online. Plus, she had to have all 4 years planned out b/c just like college, some upper classes have prereq requirements. And don't forget about all the possible online classes that have to be squeezed in somewhere b/c there isn't room to fit all the requirements in. Whew! Back in my day we walked into the cafeteria, circled our preferred classes, had about 5 total elective choices and voila, done. Of course we also didn't wear seatbelts or have cell phones. 

Oral surgery for Little G in the morning. Time for his permanent shark tooth to leave his mouth. (He has an extra front tooth.) His tears have already started. Gonna be an eventful morning me thinks.

Home from oral surgery, still drunk from sedation, too numb to swallow, weepy and confused, but coherent enough to play Mine Craft and the world is good. Funny, funny boy.

Feeling better after surgery.  Enjoying some froyo with the gift card we got from Aunt Mimi for Christmas.

Kate's primary teacher leaves us today to serve a mission and share the message that Christ lives with the beautiful people of Argentina. Best wishes Miss Lyndsie Hermana Smith. We love you! Mwah!! 

She very well may be the death of me someday, but she sure is cute.