Thursday, January 08, 2015

Here Comes May

 Must be May; soccer game, Tavaci concert, DARE graduation, and 2 book clubs all in one night. I'm with Kate, Jarom went with Halle, and Carter has to game it alone tonight. ‪#‎only1ofmetogoaround‬

Fantastic weekend at Women's Conference! Beautiful weather and great company.  Funny story from the weekend: Panic is climbing into your vehicle and noticing your purse is missing. Hilariousness is realizing you are NOT sitting in your vehicle but some random stranger's. No wonder your purse is not there! Hystericalness is seeing the looks on the faces of the owners of said vehicle as they watch 3 people climb out of their car. Oh my laws!! Funny funny night with Karen Newman Smith and Liz  Grimes.

Halle's DARE graduation.

Lunch with the niece and nephew.  Forget the toys, we want the phones!

Love being Mom to the beautiful babies of mine!

Here we go folks, hang on tight because there are only 15 minutes of quiet time left and then summer will be in full swing!

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. This is what happens when you take a toy hammer being thrown from the ground to the 2nd story window, to the head. Just glad its was only a black eye and not a broken neck from someone falling out of the window. Do you think they will obey the don't play in the windows rule now?

 "Mom, are you sure I don't have pink eye, cause its not really black?" LOL!

 Here we go!  All signed up for Driver's Ed!  YIKES!