Thursday, January 08, 2015

Highlights from January 2013

Here I go, (in  2015) trying to get caught up on the blog again! I've decided  to mostly take my Facebook posts and paste them in here in an effort to capture 2013 and 2014.

A funny from Halle:
Halle: "Mom please tell me there is no school today, I could really use the extra sleep." 
"School is canceled today."
Halle:"YEEEEEEEESSSSS! YAY! YAY! YAY! Wahoooooo!!!" Run, jump, scream, holler, wake every kid in the house.
So much for that extra sleep.

How I spent my birthday: Thank you all for the birthday wishes. And a big THANK YOU to Jarom Manwaring for making my day special. While it may not seem like a "fun" gift to some, my brand new bedsheets are FANTABULOUS to me! I've got the humidifier running, the vapo rub on, the ibuprofin swallowed, mentholatum on my nose, and now I'm off to bask in my silky smooth, freshly made bed. Its a glamorous life I lead. (And my new fridge will finally be here tomorrow!! No more trekking to the garage for milk.)

Alyssa and Mocha.

And we survived our first Pinewood Derby! He didn't come in first, but he didn't come in last either.  We consider that a success!
Wearing Grammy's sunglasses in lieu of safety goggles.

His first Pine Wood Derby car.