Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Craze

They're Heeeeerrrre.... Today's the day ladies. Twilight can now be viewed on the big screen. Do you have your tickets? Have you seen it already? Have you read the books? (And yes, I know there are a few of you who have still not done this.)

I'll be honest, I have some very mixed emotions about seeing this movie. I'm so afraid of it being bad. In fact, I made sure to read all the books again this time nice and slowly, just so that I could get firm mental images in my head of what MY characters look and act like.

I wanted to wait to hear a bunch of your reviews before I went to see it, but some girls from church called with an extra ticket for tonight, so I said "Sure, why not?"
So if you're at the theater tonight at the 8 pm showing say hello.

Look for the crazy married ladies wearing their homemade Twilight shirts...that'll be us. And as I was making my shirt last night, I got giddy thinking about going. My poor husband just rolled his eyes and helped me figure out the printer for my iron on. And when Alyssa found out I was doing this she said, "Okay Mom, that's just weird!" (Oh don't you worry, there will be pictures.)

Happy Twilight Day Everyone.


Anonymous said...

Oh mercy.

Jennifer P. said...

Men would be INSANE to attempt to venture out in public tonight :)~

Deidra Smith said...

Gillian is just as excited. She came from Boise to Pocatello to go to a twilight movie party with her sister-in-laws. I'm one of the ones that still hasn't read the book. Hope the movie meets your expectations. I have to say I can't quite imagine you in a homemade t-shirt out at the movies, but hey why not:)

Deidra Smith said...

I guess that should have said sisters-in-law. I don't know. English isn't a strong point for me!

The CEO said...

Brent and I are finally going out on a Twilight tonight. He LOVES vampire shows, but when he saw the preview, he said, "It's a CHICK vampire movie??!". He's still trying to get me to change my mind to the new Bond movie. However, I was at the box office bright and early and our tickets are purchased. Probably won't be able to talk him into a are a brave woman!

Some of the ladies from the neighborhood got together and went to the 12:01 showing last night. CRAZY!!

Have fun. We'll have to compare notes. (And by the way, can you believe the prices of movie tickets? I guess it has been awhile since Brent and I were on a date! The last time we went, I think tickets were 6 dollars :0)

Trish said...

I had the same fear you had going in to it. And for the first 15 minutes I was not happy. HOWEVER, it turned good. Okay, not just good, great. By the end i was wondering if it would be inappropriate to kiss the screen on which I had just viewed it.

Have fun!!

Unknown said...

It was AWESOME!!! I am so happy that it actually turned out better than I thought it would! I had to pee sooo bad in the middle, but couldn't miss any parts, sooooo... NO I did not wet myself, but I hurried as fast as I could and got back to my seat in a flash! So fun!