Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Anna!

Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law today. (Thanks for the picture Becky.) Yes, that's right, another birthday for our family. But don't you fret, we still have several more November birthdays to go. We were joking about all the November birthdays we have last night saying how November is 9 months from Valentine's Day. :)
Anyway, we celebrated Anna's birthday yesterday by breaking in Becky and Kevin's new home and having a family dinner. Becky has the biggest dining room I've ever seen and we were all able to fit nicely. All Manwaring dinners from now on will be there. ;)
Happy Birthday Anna! I think new furniture is a pretty exciting birthday gift. So cute! Hope you have a great day.


Lee Ann said...

I'm a wee bit jealous of all your big family gatherings and birthdays. So much fun!

My girls were born 9 months from Thanksgiving weekend :-) That weekend is coming up! Is that TMI?

Anna said...

Thanks Elena, we certainly are having alot of fun this month. I especially enjoyed rollerskating with all of the family, what good sports, even those naughty boys! Anna

becky ward said...

so fun to have everyone over! happy birthday mom!