Monday, November 17, 2008

Starlight Skating

I can not tell you the last time I went roller skating. Okay, I guess I went roller blading once in college when I was 19. But before that it was probably elementary school and I haven't done it since. That is, until last Saturday night.

Jarom's family decided it would be fun to go to Starlight Skating, the local skating rink. I swear that place hasn't changed one bit since I was 10. It was like stepping into a time warp. But oh, it was so fun. I really had a blast. Thanks Gregg and Anna for treating us to a great time.

Everyone skated, from babies in strollers to Grandma pushing babies in strollers. (Okay, I had to push babies in strollers for a while too before I had my "blade feet". Thank goodness we had some babies with us!)

There was a spill...

or two...

or three. (I wish we could have gotten one of Justin laying flat on his back. Oh that was good! Hope you're feeling okay Justin!)

NOTE: Check out "Creepy Guy" in the background. All you Idaho Falls-ers beware. He really was creepy. He kept "bumping" into our girls. They complained to us several times until my SIL Katie had had enough and went and told the manager. The manager said that the guy had been complained about 4 other times that day and kicked him out. I was so glad Katie did that and that the manager took care of the problem. I don't know anything about this guy, but I'll tell you what, if I ever see him again (and we've already spotted him twice since) I will NOT leave my kids unguarded.

Kate was THE cutest blasted little skater I've ever seen. And she was pretty good at it too. She's a little natural. I just couldn't get enough of seeing her in those teeny tiny skates.

Tell me that is NOT the cutest little thing you've ever seen!! (Go on, I dare ya. And then I'll take ya down to Chinatown and back for saying it.)







What a fabulous time, we MUST do this again!

(And if I was smart enough, I'd add a playlist today playing Deana Carters version of "Brand New Key" because it talks about roller skates and I love that song.)


becky ward said...

i guess i missed the part when justin fell flat on his back! poor justin! he spent all night bent over as well trying to help all those little kids skate. what a good dad!

so much fun! i love the pictures!

Shell in your Pocket said...

such cute pictures!!!
-sandy toes

"The Queen in Residence" said...

We have a place here that DQ and I went to on a mommy-sissy date and it was a riot. I forgot how hard that floor was when I fell the first time. But we had a great time too!! Loved the colored photos.

Deanna said...

HOW FUN!!! We'll have to take Tanner...looks like a blast! i love how the pictuers are naturally 'green'...kinday spooky! :)

Camille said...

Fun!! I can't tell you how many times I have driven by that place and wondered if it was still open. I have wanted to go so bad, but paul refuses, since he still has a scar on his chin from the last time we went...the big baby. Ooh, that guy is creepy.

Anonymous said...

OK, I have to ask, did you and Jarom skate the Snowball? Do they even do that anymore? Good times...good times.

Wendy said...

Elena, that looks like so much fun. We went skating a few years ago as a ward thing and had a blast.

I have to tell you -- when the inline skates first came out, John and I went to go get some. We tried them out in the store, and I literally could not stand up (or anything else) in them! I flopped down so many times! This went on for a while. I'm normally pretty graceful....sheesh!

We were laughing so hard we were crying! I'm sure passerbys thought we were drunk. LOL We left the store, still laughing and wiping tears, and I haven't tried them since!

Thanks for dredging up a funny memory... glad you had a good time. Loved the pictures.

Mama Williams said...

I haven't been skating in a lifetime either. Good for you and did you have fun with all the colors or what? :)

Natalie♥ said...

That looks like so much fun!! I want to go now. Thanks for getting us all excited about skating!

Miki said...

Hello.....yep, I'm up entirely too late as usual!!! I blew up the pictures in the collages. You truly looked like you were having so much fun. I'm so glad we're friends.

Anyway...yes, Kate IS the cutest thing can't take me to Chinatown now. I can't believe she skated along like nobody's business. That Kate.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Madalyn's school is having skate night tomorrow night. And I don't think that the girls have been on skates in three years. Should be interesting.

I'll be taking pictures. And wearing my crocs...

LouandAngela said...

That looks like a blast! And YES, Kate in Skates is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Only thing cuter might be Emma & Kate skating together!! :)

Yikes! Your creepy guy sounds CREEPY!! Glad you got rid of him.

Brandon and Emily said...

I love all the pictures of everyone biffing it! LOL. It was such a fun night. And yes Kat looked so cute in those little skates!

Jennifer P. said...

I love that you and jarom wore "blades" instead of much cooler ;)!

And me oh my.....take a creepy guy and put him in skates and he becomes SUPER CREEPY! Good for you putting his ugly face out there like that!