Sunday, November 16, 2008

Party Time!

Halle had a "spa-tacular" 8th birthday party! We did this same party for Alyssa last year, and Halle's wanted one ever since. I know it seems like a lot of work (and there is some definite prep work that goes into it), but if you have wonderful sisters or friends willing to help you out, this party is one of the easier parties to do. And THANK YOU to my wonderful family that helped me out. I couldn't do it without them.

We had five different "spa" stations that the girls rotated through. Each girl was given an appointment card and just went in the order designated.

Halle chose to name her spa The Red Ruby day spa and then Jarom made the cute itinerary cards.

Hair done by Aunt Emily. She did everyone exactly the same and they loved looking just alike. They were finished off with some glitter spray which was so fun. They got to keep their own combs from this station.

Facials done by myself. (For Alyssa's party we used tinted cool whip and that didn't work so well. This year I just used cold cream and it was much better.) We put a little make-up on after their faces were nice and refreshed. They each got lip gloss, hand mirrors, and hair bands to keep at this station.

Nails done by Aunt Mimi. (Her name is also Emily, but we call her Mimi to make it easier.) Each girl got to keep an emery board.

Pedicures done by Aunt Deidra. Complete with foot soaks, smelly lotion massages, and painted toes.

Craft and snack station run by my mom. The girls decorated bags to keep all their loot in. We were so excited to have our Utah cousins join us for the party this year. Sami and Megan are Alyssa's age, so she was in seventh heaven.

The dolled up party group. They all felt so beautiful. It was so fun to watch them take out their mirrors and just look at themselves. Every little girl deserves to feel beautiful once in a while.

Present time and a look at the backs of the adorable hair Emily fixed.

It's tradition to get a set of scriptures with your name engraved on them for your 8th b-day in our family.

Make a birthday wish!


Wendy said...

Okay, I am SO jealous. I am TOTALLY asking for this for my next birthday! What a fabulous idea, Elena!!! I loved every detail. You gave her such a special day.

What a great mom you are...

Deanna said...

So cute!!! I love it. Someday, when I have little girls, I want to do that!!! What fun!

Elise said...

I remember this party for Alyssa, and I want my own!! I wish I had girls just to throw a party like this!! You have to invite me to Kate's! :) Halle looks adorable and all grown up!

Camille said...

Wow! What a party! I'm going to have Paul hire you and your sisters/in-law to come do my next birthday party! (Do old people still get to have fun birthdays?)

Mama Williams said...

I love her hair in an updoo! So adorable and grown-up. Plus you get to see those pretty eyes. What a doll!
Some said I'm nutz with Star Wars and all the boys stuff I just did- Look at you! So fun! You must be exhausted though.

becky ward said...

SO FUN! and what great help you had.

Miki said...

You know you are just a pro at these parties when you start saying things like this: "I know it seems like a lot of work (and there is some definite prep work that goes into it), but if you have wonderful sisters or friends willing to help you out, this party is one of the easier parties to do."

For HEAVEN'S SAKE!!!! Look at all of the help you had. Jarom's itinerary's were so cool. I LOVED Halle's pick for the name of her spa, "The Red Ruby day spa". Red Rubies are my birthstone, so I immediately felt a connection.

Also, her hair....her gorgeous hair. There's nothing like feeling so grown up and beautiful for the day.

Good job Elena. I'm serious, I don't think anyone else could even attempt a party as good. Great job!

Jennifer P. said...

I remember this adorable party when Alyssa had it....and how she broke out in hives a few days later and the cool whip masks were to blame :)!

So cute!

LouandAngela said...

I LOVE your Spa birthday parties! I want one too!!

I can't believe how much she is looking like a Manwaring! I'm not sure which sister she looks most like, but she looks so much like Jarom's sisters in that top picture. What a cutie!

Brandon and Emily said...

The little girls looked so cute all dolled up! I think you did a great job with her party but then you always do!