Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Conversations with Carter

Tonight as I was folding laundry, Carter was waiting patiently for me to finish so we could play pirates. Here's how the conversation went:

Carter: Are there robbins outside?

Me: No, all the robbins have flown south for the winter so they can stay warm.

Carter: Not robbin birds, robbings.

Me: Do you mean robbers?

Carter: Yeah, robbings.

Me: No, there are no robbers outside.

Carter: Can robbings see in the dark?

Me: What exactly do you think a robber is?

Carter: Issa and Halle said there's robbers in haunted houses.

Me: Robbers are just people like you and me. They make wrong choices and steal from people. They're just normal people, not monsters. Monsters aren't real and neither are haunted houses.

Carter: (2 second pause) Is China on the other side of the world? How do you get to Mexico? How many girls are in our family?

Oh boy, I can tell I really got through to him.


Tamie said...

conversations with little!
that is too funny...the way he moved right on without another thought.

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute Carter!

Miki said...

I can really hear Carter talking when you typed out that conversation. Good scrapbooking stuff.

Jennifer P. said...

I think he TOTALLY got it---and was just then ready to move onto something else :). Maybe he's got a good elephant-like, multi-tasking brain like his Auntie Jennifer P. :)!

That was too cute! I could really hear him talking!

becky ward said...

such random funny questions. that carter!

Jennifer Jamison said...

those conversations are the best! they are priceless! definitely sounds like many, many conversations I have with Hannah. i just have to shake my head, smile, and move on! :)

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I loved that. Kids are so funny how they just stare at us with that blank look but months later they can spit it our, verbatum of what we told them... What a cute kid and he must have his why button activated.

Unknown said...

That is so cute! I am so impressed that you remember the things you talk about with your kids...what happened to MY brain, do you write these down?? I feel so DUMB!!

Elena said...

Jeni- I only remember if I write them down. As soon as this one happened I came up and typed it up. It was too funny. I keep a long list of unpublished drafts of funny things my kids have said. I just add to them whenever they say something then I can pull it out and have a post later on.

Brenda said...

Wouldn't it be fun to peak into their heads and see what random things these little kids are coming up with! I love how you write them all down. I need to remember to do that.

Camille said...

Hee hee! He's so funny! Sounds like the conversations here. So, I didn't ever see that my name was spelled wrong... so you pulled one over on me, eh? Apparantly my attention to detail has diminished since I left the workforce!

Wendy said...

Too funny. There was a time I wrote down something (sometimes SEVERAL somethings) that my little one said during the day. It's so fun to go back and enjoy those funny words and conversations.

You are so smart to capture them! :-)

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I think that he needs to have a conversation with Madalyn. Perhaps they could confound each other.